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Golden couple celebrate

Thursday, 26th September, 2019

Lyn and Geoff Bennetts will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on Friday.  PICTURE: Emily Ferguson Lyn and Geoff Bennetts will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on Friday. PICTURE: Emily Ferguson

By Emily Ferguson

Lyn and Geoff Bennetts will celebrate 50 years of marriage on Friday, September 27. The pair have had five decades worth of love and hardships and everything in between and family still remains the number one thing in their lives.

The pair met in 1964 at what was known back then as ‘Martin’s Corner,’ on the corner of Argent and Oxide streets. They said it was the “in thing” at the time to catch the bus from that corner.

They began dating straight away with dates to the old skating rink in Crystal Street and Saturday nights at the cinema or the drive-in. 

By 1967, they were engaged; an extremely nervous Geoff proposed after he successfully asked for Lyn’s father for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

“I had to ask her father, back in them days you had to go ask him if it was alright to marry his daughter,” said Geoff. 

On Saturday, September 27, 1969, Lyn and Geoff were married at the Anglican St Peters Church in front of a large crowd of around 250 guests. 

The couple have three daughters, Marnie, Kylie and Rachel, as well as five grandchildren in Ryan, Kayla, Ashlee, Jason and Jesse. Lyn and Geoff both agreed that having their daughters and their grandchildren being born, would easily be the best stand-out memories over the years. 

“We live for the grandkids,” said Lyn.

“When we had the kids and the grandkids, they make life a lot easier, we dote over them,” added Geoff.

“Seeing the kids grow up and seeing them get ahead on life, they’ve done pretty well now.”

The pair couldn’t narrow down their favourite things about each other to just one thing and said they adore everything about one another. “We’ve been together all our lives and know no different,” said Geoff. 

They agree that the secret to a long and successful marriage is just being there for one another throughout the good times and the bad.

“Just being there for each other through anything,” said Lyn.

Geoff added: “I had a bit of an accident on the mine and, the hardship, it just brought us closer together.”

“We’re lucky to still be alive and still be around our grandkids and see them grow up, and our daughters, that’s the main thing, everyone is well and happy that’s all we want in life,” said Geoff.

The couple are celebrating their anniversary with family at their home, although they weren’t supposed to know about it.

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