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Adams deputy mayor

Saturday, 28th September, 2019

Christine Adams Christine Adams

By Emily McInerney

Councillor Christine Adams was voted in as Deputy Mayor for the remainder of the current Council’s tenure.

Clr Adams defeated Councillor Tom Kennedy 6-2 in the voting at the meeting on Wednesday night. 

Clr Adams said she has been on Council since 2009 and thought it was time to step up.

“I’ve been on Council since 2009, bar six months.

“I lost the election in September 2012, but came back in the bi-election the following May.

“I’ve thought at different times about running for deputy mayor.”

Clr Adams said the mayoral position is one she respects and feels the deputy mayor needs to back that role.

“The mayoral position means a great deal to me and I think it should be respected; no matter who is in the role,” she said.

“I’ve gotten on extremely well with both mayors I’ve served with; Mayor Wincen Cuy and Mayor Darriea Turley.

“I think the mayor needs someone who can be relied on when they can’t attend to their duties.”

Clr Adams congratulated Clr Marion Browne on her term as deputy mayor.

“Clr Browne has done an excellent job, I hope I can follow in her footsteps.

“A deputy mayor is voted on every 12 months and for this Council, we’ve had Dave Gallagher serve a term and Marion serve two terms.

“So I thought I would put my hand up for the fourth.

“It was time for me to stand up and be counted.”

Clr Adams represents the Council in numerous ways in the community, but said she was prepared to take on the deputy mayor duties as well.

The Deputy Mayor will exercise the Mayor’s functions at the request of the Mayor, or if the Mayor is unavailable to carry out her duties.

At the meeting Councillors also thanked Marion Browne for her work as Deputy Mayor.

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