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Thursday, 3rd October, 2019

RRANA’s Aaron Grieve shows his affection for Lizzie the Lizard.PICTURE: Emily McInerney RRANA’s Aaron Grieve shows his affection for Lizzie the Lizard.PICTURE: Emily McInerney

By Emily McInerney

How you can help our little friends

Local wildlife rescue group RRANA is desperately seeking volunteers to help as the hot weather hits.

The Rescue and Rehabilitation of Australian Native Animals is looking for more carers and helpers.

Treasurer Stephanie Jones said they currently have six volunteer carers.

“A lot of the carers specialise in something, like birds or joeys,” she said.

“We have two joey carers but 18 joeys in care.

“They can often be in care for more than six months at a time.

“It will get worse coming into summer.

“There are a lot of animals coming in at the moment and it’s not even summer.”

Stephanie said all training is provided as well as food and bedding for the wildlife.

“We are one of the only wildlife groups to provide everything to help take the pressure off carers.

“We really need people who have the time to put into it.


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“Joeys can be very time consuming, they are basically like a young child.”

Stephanie said RRANA was also worried about a lack of wildlife, including emus.

“We were getting worried as we haven’t seen many emus around.

“Apparently they have gone up to Wilcannia to breed and there has been some babies spotted at the Golf Course.

“Now that we know there is a few around, we feel better.”

She said that RRANA did not encourage people to feed wildlife.

“That will bring them into town. We suggest putting a bucket of water on the footpath so they know there is a water source.

“Also if you keep your grass green, it can provide some food.

“If you see a wild animal injured, please call us as they are likely to be hurting.

“We will come and help.

“For any travellers that see a kangaroo they may have been hit by a car, please check them.

“If they are female they will probably have a joey in the pouch.”

Stephanie said any support was a big help.

“It’s not just carers that we need but any volunteers to help with fundraising.

“We are a small group and every hand makes it easier for us.”

Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer can contact the RRANA Facebook page.

For more information or to volunteer call the 24-hour RRANA number 0429 204 416.


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