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Kids back in action

Tuesday, 8th October, 2019

By Emily McInerney

Railwaytown Public School students have received some wonderful community support after bales of cans and bottles were stolen last week.

The recyclable items, worth more than $300, were pilfered from the school after students spent all year collecting them.

Principal Kerry-Sue Pascoe said after the story became public, Railwaytown received a flood of responses with people donating cash and their own bottle and cans.

“The school has received a cash donation from the Day Dream Mine, which we are very grateful for, as well as numerous offers of donations of bottles and cans,” Mrs Pascoe said.

“A grandparent, Karen Kemp, from one of our Scouts, donated $100 and a friend of one of the Scout leaders donated $50.

“People have gone out of their way to donate money.

“We have about $250 in cash.”

Mrs Pascoe said she was very happy to see donations of plastic bottles and cans as well.

“It’s been amazing, a lot of people have contacted us saying they would donate cans and bottles,” she said.

“We’ve also cashed in some of the cans that we received. There was about a dozen garbage bags filled with bottles and cans.

“There was a visitor to town who saw the article and said she had half a dozen bottles to donate.

“We are really grateful for it all.

“It’s been amazing.”

Wool bales have also been donated to the school.

“It has restored my faith in the community,” Mrs Pascoe said.

If anyone would like to donate bottles or cans to the school you can contact Mrs Pascoe on 0477 319 187 and they can arrange to collect them or alternatively provide you with an address where they can be left. 

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