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Miners’ Memorial not a ‘sad mess’

Friday, 10th January, 2020

The roll of honour at the Miners Memorial was dusty and the imitation roses losing their colour. PICTURES: Myles Burt The roll of honour at the Miners Memorial was dusty and the imitation roses losing their colour. PICTURES: Myles Burt

By Myles Burt

An article has sparked outrage over the apparent neglect of the Miners’ Memorial, however those who’ve just been there say it’s fine.

The issue was raised after ABC presenter Peter Goers wrote a column ‘Silver City really is rolled gold’ in the Sunday Mail.

Having a lot of positive things to say about Broken Hill, Mr Goers finished the article on a solemn note, writing that the Miners’ Memorial was a “sad mess”.

Mr Goers said the main building was tired, dirty and tatty, rubbish bins on the metal walk way were overflowing, and the roll of honour memorialising fallen miners was vandalised and unrepaired.

Mr Goers said that something needed to be done about the most important place in Broken Hill.

His article generated BDT letters from locals Stan Goodman and Milton Hawke, calling for more initiative to be taken on the maintenance of the Memorial, along with further expansion to include other names of fallen miners, mining memorabilia and information.

However, since hearing of the concerning state of the Miners’ Memorial, Broken Earth Cafe proprietor Daniel Powe said it was fine, and nothing was wrong with it.

“Nothing wrong with it at all, there’s no vandalism, there’s no mess, there’s no rubbish, nothing,” Mr Powe said.

“I don’t really know where he got that opinion from to be absolutely honest with you.”

Mr Powe said Broken Hill CFMEU branch members were there yesterday to oversee the condition of the Miners’ Memorial, with vice-president Greg Braes confirming that he a few others went up to wash away the dust on the roll of honour glass panels.

Mr Powe said even the CFMEU didn’t see anything wrong with the condition of the Miners’ Memorial.

Running the Broken Earth Cafe for over two years, Mr Powe said he’s never heard criticism of the Miners’ Memorial, with Mr Goers’ article coming as a big surprise.

The BDT went up to investigate the Miners’ Memorial only to find that the two bins on the metal walkway were indeed full to the brim. 

Although no vandalism could be seen on the building or the roll of honour, only that the glass panels were very dusty, the imitation roses were losing their red colour and one pathway light had become faulty and acted more like a strobe light.

Since Tuesday, the bins have been emptied and the honour roll cleaned. Information is being sought from NSW Crown Lands as to who is in charge of maintaining the Miners’ Memorial.



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