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Broken Hill supplies for devastated koalas

Friday, 10th January, 2020

A Kangaroo Island koala in care after the bushfires. PICTURE: Dana Mitchell A Kangaroo Island koala in care after the bushfires. PICTURE: Dana Mitchell

By Emily McInerney

A former Broken Hillite is helping to organise medical supplies for injured koalas on bushfire-ravaged Kangaroo Island.

Tayla Dwyer wanted to gather some items to help people who were setting up koala hospitals and triage centres in Kangaroo Island.

She contacted Maari Ma and a number of local pharmacies and within a few days was able to get enough for a collection to be taken over to Kangaroo Island.

Next week, the Adelaide resident will come home to run another collection to gather even more medical supplies.

“I will be coming to Broken Hill, next Friday, January 17,” Tayla said.

“I will be collecting medical supply donations for our precious Kangaroo Island and Adelaide Hill’s koalas.

“So far I have spoken with Maari Ma Health and Outback Pharmacies, who have graciously offered to donate as much as they can. 

“If you have connections to other services that may have access to supplies, please share it with them.”

A GoFundMe page has also been set up to help build enclosures and equipment for the Kangaroo Island koalas.

“To prevent the spread of disease these Koalas cannot leave KI and the facilities on the island are limited, so they are desperate for supplies and donations. 

“It is estimated that 25,000 koalas have been injured or killed; that’s half of the entire population.”

Tayla said her family are making the first run of medical supplies for her this week and took items donated from Maari Ma and Outback Pharmacies.

“It all came together really quickly, I just messaged people I knew and they were quick to get on board and get things together.”

Tayla will drop the goods to a collection point at the Marion Shopping Centre and the goods will be taken by boat to Kangaroo Island today.

“Maari Ma said they would give what they could this trip, but purchase more specifically for when I come back to Broken Hill next week,” she said.

Outback Pharmacies’ Jason Harvey said they were more than happy to donate.

“It was bandages and antiseptic ointment, we can’t give medication. But we just tried to give as much of what we could,” he said.

“We do get asked for items for animals every now and then.

“I think these bushfires are the worst natural disaster we have seen in a long time.

“Anything we can do to help whether it’s for animals or people can only be a good thing.”

Medical supplies that are required include Betadine, Melolin, Silver dressings/Jelonet, Flamazine, Silvazine, IV fluids, saline,  

Toomey syringes, Y suction catheters, dressings, bandages, IV giving sets, vet wraps, needles/syringes, Nitrile gloves, towels and face washers, kidney dishes and galley pots.

Those wanting to donate money can visit GoFundMe - Help Save Kangaroo Island’s Koalas and Wildlife.

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