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Magpies working to strengthen their wings

Wednesday, 15th January, 2020

Central Football Club’s Senior Coach Jarred Paull (left) and Reserves Coach Greg Wellington. PICTURE: Emily Ferguson Central Football Club’s Senior Coach Jarred Paull (left) and Reserves Coach Greg Wellington. PICTURE: Emily Ferguson

By Emily Ferguson

Jarred Paull has resumed his role as the Central Football Club’s Senior Coach for a second season and he’ll be joined by some new faces as the club looks to rebuild their culture. 

Having coached the team for the first time last year Jarred said his aim was to keep building.

“We didn’t win a game so there’s not really expectations this year,” he said.

“We’ll to try to improve but other than that we’re not trying to shoot for the stars. But hopefully we can improve a little,” he said. 

Jarred’s assistant coaches, Scott Mateer and Adam Rhodes, are unchanged from last season but there is the addition of Robert Hickey to the coaching panel.

“Last year I took two assistant coaches that haven’t necessarily played a lot of local footy but their organisational skills are really good,” Jarred said.

“They’re both school teachers and both love following all different types of sport, so their role was to try and put some structures in place which we started to do towards the end of last year. 

“And with Robert Hickey’s background in football, hopefully we can just get the right brew and the right mixture to make it all come together.”

Central has looked to recruit a few new players for the senior side, but Jarred’s main goal is to work with the core group to get them in top form. 

“There have been some recruitments, we’re just waiting to confirm that they’re definitely coming on board, so it’s exciting times that way,” he said. 

“We haven’t really received anyone from other clubs. I feel like if someone has done a lot of hard work and established that connection from outside then its good for the town, so we stayed away from that and we looked around outside of town and hopefully these two or three players once they arrive they’ll help us be competitive.

“To get players to come out to an isolated town 500 kilometres away from a capital city it’s hard to do, so we focus more on our core group that we’ve got now to get them a little bit fitter and try and get the best improvement out of them that we can.”

The senior side will remain essentially unchanged, despite the major loss of Jason Masclet who is leaving town.

“We need to try and cover Jason Masclet. He’s moving to Adelaide for work so we need to try and find someone who can take his role as an in-and-under midfielder.”

Jarred said there are many talented players in his team such as Zayden White, Bayden Quinn, Matt Sullivan and Jordan Gilby. 

“Jordan Gilby’s had a really good preseason. Hopefully he can stand up, try and polish his skills and learn the game a little more this year. I think he’ll be the big improver 

“James Bressanelli came a long way last year and I think he’s got a big season ahead.”

The team’s consistency and intensity will be a focus area to improve on in the lead up to the season. 

“Mostly the stoppages around the ground,” said Jarred. “We struggle to stay in the game. We’ve been competitive up until quarter time, sometimes half time but fell away. 

“We’re really focused on our fitness this year. The boys have got into the gym and hopefully they can be a bit stronger around the stoppages and win a few more of them and try to stay in the contest longer that way.”

“I think we just need to work on quarter by quarter at this stage, try to get a few structures in place and get the guys understanding what their roles are in the team,” said Jarred. 

“Just the commitment to play the entire fifteen rounds and commit twice a week minimum when it comes to training, that’ll be the biggest focus and if we happen to jag a win on the way that’ll be the results that they’d enjoy.”

Jarred’s hope for the club this season is to rebuild their culture and the social side of football.  

“With Jonah (Smith) and Dinny (Reardon) taking over on the board duties and with Wello (Greg Wellington) a new face at the club, some new minds, some new changes and some new training plans, we’re hoping just to build this culture back up to try and make it a fun place to be around,” he said. 

“In recent times because we’re not winning, the club wasn’t getting as many people as we’d like to on a Saturday night, so hopefully we can create a fun space where guys are enjoying their footy, and the women’s side as well, and that on-field will improve.”

The Reserves team will be coached by a new face, Greg Wellington. Greg has been in Broken Hill for two years. He hadn’t been involved with any local football since being here until he started to get itchy feet and decided he needed to get involved with the game again. 

“I saw the ad for the Reserves Coach in the paper and decided to throw my hat in the ring. I was really excited when I got the job,” said Greg. 

He has an extensive record when it comes to coaching. He coached senior football in Nowra on the South Coast, NSW State Indigenous U/15 side, was assistant coach of the AFL Boomerangs and has been mentored by Indigenous greats of the game such as Andrew McLeod. 

The Central Women’s side will be coached by Shane Lawrence.  


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