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Menindee “quite happy” with ABC ‘Back Roads’ coverage

Thursday, 30th January, 2020

Rob Gregory Rob Gregory

By Emily McInerney

The Menindee Tourist Association was happy with the way the township was portrayed on ABC TV this week, but said there was still a long way to go to get tourism back.

The town was featured on the nation’s popular series “Back Roads” on Monday night.

A film crew and host Lisa Millar visited Menindee in October last year to shoot the episode to show “the town behind the headlines”.

President of the Menindee Tourist Association, Rob Gregory, said he was happy with how the community was shown.

“The school was a really big focus, which was great,” said Mr Gregory.

“I guess from a tourism perspective we thought they might showcase other areas.

“It was a difficult episode to capture and I know in the closing remarks they said there were difficult circumstances surrounding the town.

“It’s a pity the show doesn’t go for an hour - they could have shown more of the town. But I am quite happy.”

Mr Gregory said it had been a quiet period for tourists but said the hot weather would have had a lot to do with that.

“It’s also back to school time, so that takes away a component.

“During the cooler months, I had my usual groups from Broken Hill and rail towns. But in terms of ‘walk-ins’ it was down.

“It wasn’t one of the best years. It wasn’t like 2016/2017.

“Hopefully the episode of ‘Back Roads’ helps.

“I know from feedback in White Cliffs, they’ve received a lot of tourists since their episode aired (on Back Roads).

“They had a large influx.”

Mr Gregory said projects like the Fish Hatchery would also help put Menindee back in the spotlight.

“It is a big project and will take a long time to get running,” he said.

“We’re looking at getting consultants in currently.

“We want to ensure it is sustainable into the future. It is very much in the egg stage as far as hatcheries go.

“We’re also hoping for more rain. There has been some in the catchment.

“The rain in the north is promising but we need more down lower to fill up our rivers.”

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