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Friday, 31st January, 2020

Colby Stenhouse traded his work attire for a suit for his appearance on First Date Australia which aired earlier this week. PICTURE: Emily Ferguson Colby Stenhouse traded his work attire for a suit for his appearance on First Date Australia which aired earlier this week. PICTURE: Emily Ferguson

By Emily Ferguson

Broken Hill’s Colby Stenhouse had his first date this week on national television.

The 18-year-old’s friends dared him to go on the show First Dates Australia.

“I never want to let them down so I thought I’d just go on for the laughs,” said Colby.

He filled out the online application answering questions about what he was looking for in a partner and what kind of person he is.

“They asked me to go in for an interview and I said I’m not driving to Sydney just for an audition, so they ended up doing a skype video.

“I think they said there was about 800 people who applied, so I didn’t think I’d make the cut when I first done it.”

Colby said it was a fun experience overall, and he got to visit Sydney for the first time to participate in the show, even if he was only there for a day and a half.

The date was different to any other date.

“Obviously there’s not a big camera in my face usually, so it was a lot more terrifying knowing there’s a few hundred thousand people watching.”

Colby filmed the show seven months ago, in June of 2019, and he said it came out better than he thought it would.

“So first of all they take you to a hotel where they set you up and you do a before date interview.

“They take you up to a room with all the guys sitting around ... drink beer all day, and once they call you up it’s your turn to walk down to the restaurant.

“After the date, you go back and do a single interview, your partner will do a single interview, and then you do an interview together.

“It was only an hour, so you didn’t get much time.”

Colby said the date and filming made him extremely nervous.

“I was petrified, absolutely petrified, there’s actually a gif of me on twitter just sitting there sweating.”

The few memorable moments from Colby’s segment of the show include his and his date Scarlett’s mutual love of McDonalds and the fact that he forgot her name ... twice.

At the beginning of the date Colby asked her for her name again after just meeting her and then in the post date interview he called her Charlotte.

“I don’t even know a Charlotte, I mean they’re close enough, Charlotte and Scarlett,” he laughed.

“On the show none of us could actually pronounce any of the things on the menu so when she said ‘I’d much rather go to Maccas’ I thought I’m the exact same,” he said.

“My mate Nick Craven, his Dad owns the (local) store and he (Nick) came over to watch it and he loved it, said I might get a cheeky discount.”

Colby’s family and friends reactions almost all included a criticism.

“I had a bit of a viewing party the other night, friends come over had some pizzas and they were very critical of my performance.

“A lot of people noticed that I had half a beer still sitting on the table ... and my friends noticed that I didn’t open the door for her at the end.”

Colby was able to take it all on the chin.

“I tell you what, I went on Twitter to read all the comments, absolutely hilarious ... they were quite good, got a bit of a laugh out of them.”

Unfortunately. he and his First Dates partner didn’t follow up with a second date.

“She’s over in Sydney and I’m here, I only did it for the shits and gigs anyway.”

Some of the Tweets about Colby’s first date:

‘Calling it... Colby and Scarlett match made in maccas... #firstdatesau’

‘The 2 18year olds, Scarlette and Colby were so cute! I like that they were both clueless. I was too when I was 18 #FirstDatesAU’

‘I’m just as shocked as you Scarlett. Two houses at eighteen???? #FirstDatesAU’

‘#firstdatesau #FirstDates Colby owns 2 houses at 18 but can’t get his date’s name right?’

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