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Financial Centre changes hands

Tuesday, 4th February, 2020

Elders Insurance Director Simon Heuzenroeder (centre) with the Financial Centre’s Wayne Spencer (left) and brother Neville. PICTURE: Callum Marshall Elders Insurance Director Simon Heuzenroeder (centre) with the Financial Centre’s Wayne Spencer (left) and brother Neville. PICTURE: Callum Marshall

By Callum Marshall

Neville and Wayne Spencer have sold the Argent Street Financial Centre to Simon Heuzenroeder of Elders Insurance, bringing to an end their 30-year ownership of the historic building.

The brothers said it was time to move on from the financial planning and insurance business and settle down.

“I’m 65, the town’s been excellent to me,” said Neville. “I’ve moved up to Currumbin and it’s just time,” .

He said he was proud of what they’d managed to achieve over the course of the yers since 1990 and the service they’d provided to locals. 

“In that period of time we did financial planning and fire and general.

“In the financial planning we were one of the biggest in South Australia. 

“We had our own fire and general licence because the rules all changed with the agents and brokers bit, so we went from there and we wanted to offer a good service to the town.

“That’s been the main change. 

“The town’s had its ups and downs over that period of course but we’ve just thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Neville said Simon and Elders’ offer for the building had suited them perfectly. 

“We’ve been in the process of looking for a suitable buyer for probably four years,” he said.

“We had lots of offers from city people - ‘We’ll service it from Adelaide. We’ll service it from Melbourne.’

“Simon’s was by far the best because it’s offering the local service and it’s employing the local people. So it suited us absolutely perfectly.”

Asked if he was sad to leave the business, Neville said it was important to head off at the right time, and that was now.

“The worst thing people do is hang on too long,” he said. “You know when it’s time. 

“Get out and enjoy life. Life’s finite, you’ve only got so much.”

Wayne echoed his brother’s comments but added that he’d be sticking around a little longer to help Simon with the transition.

“I’ll be sticking around for a while, just introducing Simon to the clients, the business clients mainly,” he said.

“Like Neville said, it’s time and I’m going on 68.

“It’s all been good to us. We’re looking forward to retirement.”

Wayne was the Principal of Fire and General Insurance at the Centre and he said getting to know all sorts of people over the years was what he enjoyed the most.

“The satisfaction you get from clients themselves,” he said.

“You get to meet a lot of different people from different walks of life and all the rest of it. 

“The high-flyers and the not so high-flyers, and you get to enjoy it.

“I’ll probably go onto something different maybe for a little while. But I’ll be sad to see it go.”

Simon said that being able to expand the Elders brand and use the Financial Centre space would be a big boon for local business.

“Elders itself has been in Broken Hill since 1888 so the name’s been around for a long time,” he said.

“We’ve had an insurance business here for a long time round at our Blende Street location so we were very keen to expand our business by acquiring the Financial Centre off these guys and offering better service in a more prominent location in Argent Street for our client base.

“It’s obviously a well-established, long-term business and you couldn’t buy a better business to be honest.

“We’re combining this with our own business. Overall we’ll have five staff and we’re all about providing a service to the people of Broken Hill.

The same type of financial and insurance services will remain, said Simon.

“Same product offering, pretty much.

“It’s business as usual but everything will have an Elders brand on it instead of the Financial Centre.”

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