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Levels still low

Saturday, 8th February, 2020

Water levels in Umberumberka Reservoir are drastically low. PICTURE: Myles Burt Water levels in Umberumberka Reservoir are drastically low. PICTURE: Myles Burt

By Myles Burt

Broken Hill has become entirely reliant on the Wentworth pipeline due to lack of water in the Umberumberka and Stephens Creek reservoirs. 

The Umberumberka creek was flowing on Thursday night and blocking traffic from leaving or entering Silverton for a couple of hours. 

However, Essential Water’s local Head of Water Operations, Ross Berry, said the Umberumberka Reservoir had only risen by 400mm at the dam wall, keeping in mind that a level increase at the dam wall is not lateral across the entire dam. 

Mr Berry said that Stephens Creek unfortunately had zero change in water levels.

Umberumberka Reservoir is too low for pumps to be used. The last pumping was in March last year. 

Stephens Creek sits at one per cent storage capacity and has several days left of water to supply Broken Hill, depending on consumption, according to Mr Berry.

Silverton still has water security for its village residents. Its water is supplied from Broken Hill via a gravity-fed pipeline. 

Mr Berry said Broken Hill’s supply was well secured with two large bulk water dams adjacent to Essential Water’s pumping station storing enough water to supply the city for more than a month. These dams are filled with Murray River water from the W2BH pipeline.

All roads were open in the district yesterday although caution was urged when driving between Broken Hill and Packsaddle where silt bars have formed on the creek crossings.

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