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Local Holdens roar on

Wednesday, 19th February, 2020

Silver City Motors Dealer Principal, Anthony Lind, giving the Holden badge on the Colorado Z71 a buff clean. PICTURE: Emily Ferguson Silver City Motors Dealer Principal, Anthony Lind, giving the Holden badge on the Colorado Z71 a buff clean. PICTURE: Emily Ferguson

By Emily Ferguson

With imminent end of the Holden car, Silver City Motors Dealer Principal, Anthony Lind, has assured locals they need not worry about their vehicles - they’ll remain in safe hands. 

Silver City Motors along with other Holden dealers were not informed of the retirement of the Holden brand before it was announced on Monday. 

They were told instead connect to a video conference where they got the news just an hour before the news reports came out. 

Mr Lind said it was a shock but that Holden owners could relax.

“Holden is going to look after service, warranty and spare parts for the next ten years,” he said.

“There is still ongoing training for our staff and there is a way forward. We have a very big carpark of Holdens here and Holden have put forward quite a sizable war chest for their withdrawal from Australian operations, and we’ll make sure that we get our share and we will look after our customers.”

But Mr Lind said lovers of the car had a right to feel disappointed.

“Holden is very much part of everyday Australia and the psyche of being an Australian.

“I’ve got fond memories of an HJ Kingswood and a misspent youth driving around the country, and everyone is going to have those views, everyone has ridden in a Holden or been part of a family with a Holden in it and it is very very dear to our hearts.”

Mr Lind said General Motors wasn’t just leaving Australia.

“It’s New Zealand, the Pacific Rim, it’s Japan, it’s some South American countries, South Africa and the United Kingdom - all the right-hand drive countries will no longer have representation for GM.

“We’re part of the collateral damage. They feel they can’t be competitive with right-hand drive. The opportunity to sell came up and it’s a sad day for us.”

Mr Lind the brand’s retirement wouldn’t affect maintenance and service at the local dealership.

“We service that many Holdens every day and we’ll continue to service them. The support and back up is there, the training is still going to be there, we’ve got some great techs in our group and we’ll fight tooth and nail to make sure that we look after the people of Broken Hill with the best service we can do.”

It hasn’t been determined how long Holden vehicles will remain for sale across the country.

“They’re very much doing this by the seat of their pants and we’ve been told there won’t be any 2021 models and they usually come out in September. 

“We have a meeting tomorrow (Wednesday) with a video hook up to discuss the next steps, but what will happen is there will be some great bargains to be had with the existing stock and we know we’ll be able to back that up with the service.

“Anyone looking for a new car, hold your breath for a week and there might be some great bargains for you.”

Mr Lind assured everyone that Silver City Motors wasn’t going anywhere.

“We’ve got lots of good people here and we’ve spent a fortune training them. We have two other very strong brands as well and lots of used cars.

“We’re going to be here for quite a considerable amount of time.”

“We want to remind everyone that we’re still here and still trading and we will look after everyone as we always have, business as usual.”

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