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Ex-local writes hit song on bushfires

Wednesday, 19th February, 2020

Lyndsie Storer has released a new single ‘Let It Rain’. PICTURE: Supplied Lyndsie Storer has released a new single ‘Let It Rain’. PICTURE: Supplied

By Emily McInerney

Former local Lyndsie Storer has released song that she wrote during the bushfires and it has hit number five on the singer/songwriter charts.

The song is called ‘Let It Rain’ and the day Lyndsie released she said it finally poured rain in Mildura.

This is Lyndsie’s third song that she has recorded and she has been overwhelmed with the response.

“It’s been absolutely huge, it’s bigger than I expected,” she said.

“The first song I released hit number eight on the singer/songwriter charts and this one has reached number five. It’s really exciting.”

Lyndsie said she didn’t intend to write a song about the bushfires but she felt strongly about it.

“It was just after New Year’s when the fires were at its worst.

“It was all over the news and I was very emotional - it was so intense.

“I was moved by it all. I starting writing and a chorus came out so I just put pen to paper and finished the song.”

Lyndsie was born in Broken Hill and attended the North Public and Willyama High schools.

“I left Broken Hill in 2010 to move to Dubbo and within a few months I moved to Mildura, which is where I live,” she said.

“I started writing music in my early 20s and started performing around the same time.

“When I lived in Broken Hill I was in the band Raw Phoenix with my parents, Mandy and Paul Ferguson, as well as Kym Ravlich and Greg Hayes.

“I also performed solo or in a duo with my father at the Country Music Association musters.

“Stan and Rosemary Sinclair from the Country Music Association were very supportive and encouraging.”

Lyndsie said she would love to do an EP as she has songs from over the years.

“I’ve recorded three songs and I’ve got some songs from years ago that I could polish and release.

“The response with my first three songs has been quite motivating. I would really love to do some more.”

She said she would be hosting an official launch in Mildura with all funds raised being donated to the firefighters of NSW/Victoria.

Lyndsie said she loves getting back to Broken Hill.

“I have been back with my band Revive to perform at the Demo Club and weddings and my duo played at the Musos on cup day.

“I also came back to work at the Rockfests with (husband) David.

“I do covers in the band and duo and am now beginning to also perform originals.”

To listen to the new single visit Youtube and type in Lyndsie’s name, or visit iTunes or Spotify.

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