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Menindee waits for Easter gift

Thursday, 20th February, 2020

Tourists enjoy a boat ride during better times on Menindee Lakes. PICTURE: AAP Tourists enjoy a boat ride during better times on Menindee Lakes. PICTURE: AAP

By Myles Burt

Fresh flows should arrive at Menindee just as the tourist season begins, says Menindee Tourism Association chairman, Rob Gregory.

Ten to thirty gigalitres of water is expected to flow into Menindee after huge rains swept across the Northern Basin.

Mr Gregory said the forecasted flows should help with local tourism with the tourist season beginning around late March.

He also said he’s not certain if the water will flow out to the major lakes, but that it should certainly put some water in Lake Wetherell, which is a prime fishing location.

Mr Gregory said the Easter holidays would be a good opportunity for fishing, not seeing an issue with fishermen catching a few for a feed so long as they don’t go overboard with their hauls.

“Even if they do just catch and release, which a lot of fisherman do that,” he said.

Mr Gregory is confident Menindee will receive the forecasted flows, adding that it’ll be nice to see a bit of water for a change.

“You’ve just got to be positive on what’s coming, hopefully it’s the beginning of a decent flow that’ll last us for a while,” Mr Gregory said.

“Hopefully it’s the beginning of the end of this devastating drought.”

Mr Gregory said for Menindee tourist operators to regain confidence in their trade again, Menindee Lakes would have to be supplied with 10,000 gigalitres.

“Certainly at the moment we’re not seeing that, it would be a nice thing just to freshen up and get that river operating again right through down to Wentworth mate,” he said.

“That’s a critical component for everybody and a critical human need.

“Whatever we spin off on the back of that tourism is great, but certainly we’ve got to look after our people out here.”

At the moment, Mr Gregory is very happy to see that some much needed water is on way to Menindee.

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