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Newspaper farewells front office fave

Friday, 21st February, 2020

Cherie Carroll enjoyed her final day as a BDT employee, working away at her desk as normal. PICTURE: Emily Ferguson Cherie Carroll enjoyed her final day as a BDT employee, working away at her desk as normal. PICTURE: Emily Ferguson

By Emily Ferguson

After almost 21 years a familiar and friendly face of the Barrier Daily Truth, Cherie Carroll has worked her last day in the office. 

Born and bred in Broken Hill, this move will be Cherie’s first time living away from her home town, as she and her husband, Rod, make a move to Adelaide.

“It’s a bit scary, it’s a bit sad, but it’s also exciting, and it’s just another journey in our lives that we’re looking forward to,” said Cherie. 

The reason for the move interstate is to be closer to family.

“We’ve got our children and their partners, and grandchildren and also have a brother and other friends as well down there,” said Cherie. 

Cherie’s immediate plans for the future include house hunting and job searching, as she begins the next chapter of her life.

“Hopefully, we’ll eventually be buying a house, and I’ll continue to look for work until I’m at that retirement age, whether it’s full time, casual, whether it’s in an office or whether it’s in a supermarket I don’t care, as long as I can pay the bills.”

Cherie began work at the BDT on May 10, 1999.

“I was just looking for work at the time my husband had become retrenched from the mine, and so we were looking for something and this came about, they needed somebody and so I stepped in and have been here ever since,” she said. 

She started out in a permanent part-time and on-call position for the first ten years, and for the last ten, nearly 11 years, she’s been full time.

“Initially it was just front office, learning about the accounts and not generally doing them until I needed to once a month as relief work, otherwise it was serving customers, the phone and general office duties,” said Cherie.

“Then I went into the accounts side of it and did that for a few years, then I went into circulation for two and a bit years in there and then back into the accounts again and did a little bit of the general manager’s job so over all a bit of everything, it was good experience.”

Cherie’s favourite things about working at the BDT are the parts she will miss the most.

“There are a lot of really lovely customers, very friendly and it’s a happy environment to work in as well, and just a very nice place to work,” she said. 

“I think a lot of that contact with people, other employees and the customers, you get some really nice people come in and have some good chats, so I’ll miss that and I’ve spoken to a few today and they’ve been quite upset that I’m leaving and that’s a nice thought that you’re cared for so much.”

Over her years at the BDT Cherie said there have been a lot of positive changes.

“It’s become a lot more computerised and so it’s just a matter of keeping up with the changes, which has been really good.

“The people we work with we all work together so we’re all learning at the same time, it’s always a friendly atmosphere, there’s no pressure on what you’re learning, it’s been good.”

For many years Cherie has been the main driver of the various BDT fundraising cake stalls.

“It all started when my mum got breast cancer, so that sort of initiated it and then there were other people, close friends as well, so we lost a few people around the same time.

“I just felt like it was my duty to try and do something to help towards getting a cure for those diseases, not just breast cancer but other cancers as well,” she said. 

“Hopefully I’ll continue doing that when I go to Adelaide, whether it’s in the workplace or whether I’ll be doing it from home and having special morning teas to continue raising money.”

Cherie wished to say thank you to everybody, employees and managers and the customers.

She said it was a fun and enjoyable place to work for the last 20 years.

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