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Airport kiosk upgrade

Tuesday, 25th February, 2020

The airport kiosk is closed for upgrades. PICTURE: Emily McInerney The airport kiosk is closed for upgrades. PICTURE: Emily McInerney

By Emily McInerney

After receiving no successful tenders for the airport kiosk, Council is looking to set aside money for an upgrade.

Last year it was announced that the airport kiosk would have a lessee by mid-January.

However, it appears that has fallen through as the kiosk is now fenced off with a construction sign.

For close to 12 months, the only refreshments available at the airport were from a vending machine after the long-time kiosk lessees retired.

Council set about looking for a new applicant and while they were close to getting businesses in they haven’t had much luck sealing the deal.

Now Council is looking to make the kiosk more appealing.

In the business pages for this month’s meeting, it is revealed through the Quarterly Budget Review Statement (QBRS), Council would like to put $70,000 towards upgrading the kiosk.

“Upon a recent inspection from Council’s Environmental Health Inspector, there were a number of items listed for Council to rectify to ensure compliance with health and building regulations,” the report said. 

“Council had 6-12 months to action these. 

“Given that a new tenant is imminent, it made sense to have these items rectified to avoid further disruptions to the new tenants and the operation of the Kiosk. 

“Upon further investigation whilst obtaining quotations to carry out the work it has become apparent that the Kiosk was set up as a domestic kitchen and not a commercial kitchen and therefore some major refurbishment works need to occur, including installation of new sinks, drainage and a grease trap.”

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