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Waiting for green

Monday, 9th March, 2020

The freshwater Australasian Grebe recently spotted in Broken Hill wetlands. PICTURE: Glen Fergus The freshwater Australasian Grebe recently spotted in Broken Hill wetlands. PICTURE: Glen Fergus

By Annette Northey

Wildlife rescue group RRANA say they haven’t yet seen any impact on local wildlife from the recent rains and are holding out for growth of vegetation.

RRANA’s Stephanie Jones said it’s “too soon to tell”, although there have been some emus appearing along the Sydney and Menindee roads.

“There has been a family of emus sighted out near Mount Gipps, which is good to see,” she said.

Stephanie said it was a good time to remind motorists of the need to be aware of animals on the roads, especially emus.

“Please be aware that they really don’t have much road sense. 

“Should you accidentally hit one or see one that’s been hit, or any animal in distress, please call us on 0429 204 416 so we can help the animal.”

Stephanie said there have been sightings also of the very fascinating Australasian Grebe at some of the local wetlands and a Hoary-headed Grebe was spotted at Wilcannia, but Stephanie said these were not because of the weather.

“It’s the end of their breeding season now, so they are on the move,” she said.

RRANA said they don’t have any animals in their care at the moment specifically because of the rain and new flows, but they have noticed in general that the animals are still thin.

“We aren’t waiting for any change really (in the animals being brought in for care), but we are waiting for the growth of green vegetation,” she said.

However, Stephanie said they have seen a change in the kangaroos that frequent Duff Park in Duff Street and the North Family Play Centre across from the Aquatic Centre in McCulloch Street.

“We had been putting buckets of water there for them and going and changing them over a lot.

“But now we can have a bit of a break from going up there all the time,” she said.

Stephanie wanted to thank everybody who supported the Food Drive for RRANA animals in care.

“The response was overwhelming; we had locals and people from everywhere contribute, even from overseas.”

“We have enough food now for the animals for a few months,” she said.

Report injured wildlife to RRANA on 0429 204 416.

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