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NBN on the way

Wednesday, 11th March, 2020

Tim Saul, head of NBN local SA and NT is in the city to meet with locals. There will be an informal meeting at 5pm at the Civic Centre tonight before a presentation at 6pm. PICTURE: Emily McInerney Tim Saul, head of NBN local SA and NT is in the city to meet with locals. There will be an informal meeting at 5pm at the Civic Centre tonight before a presentation at 6pm. PICTURE: Emily McInerney

By Emily McInerney

Broken Hill is set to be connected to the NBN in May with faster speeds and the reduction of internet blackspots which plague the city.

Tim Saul, head of NBN local SA and NT, is in town to meet with key stakeholders, businesses and community members.

“The NBN is at an exciting time in Broken Hill, we have been building for a couple of months and we will be switching on the network from May,” Mr Saul said.

“This visit is about meeting with key stakeholders and communicate what to do when NBN is ready.

“We work with stakeholders to help the business and residential community really maximise opportunities presented by NBN.”

He said there may have been a noticeable difference in connectivity since the build started recently.

“It’s not by design, we are working in parts with the live network or in parallel to a live network.

“It’s not a conspiracy to give horrible speeds to get people to the NBN quicker.

“It’s likely to be coincidental; maybe people’s senses are heightened because they know it’s coming soon.”

There was also no need to have any concerns with network issues on the outskirts of town and South Broken Hill, Mr Saul said.

“Absolutely fixed as part of this, we’ve only been in town (today) but we have heard a lot about South Broken Hill.

“We’re really pleased that we are going to make a massive difference to that area. They won’t know what hit them.”

Mr Saul said they would like to speak with as many people as they can.

“We have a meeting tonight at the Civic Centre with an informal chat starting at 5pm before a formal presentation at 6pm.

“We would love to see as many people as we can at that meeting.

“It’s an opportunity for community members to ask us anything and everything they can about the NBN.

“That could include the construction, whether it is about how to plan, the benefits and what they can do when it comes time to  connect.”

The NBN rollout is heading towards the backend of the initiative.

“A lot of Australia is built, 10.8 million premises can now connect,” he said.

“We’ve got 6.7 million currently connected to the network with one million to go. We are over 90 per cent done.”

Mr Saul said residents will have the opportunity to shop around for a plan that suits them.

“As the project has gotten more mature and service providers are doing a much better job of selling plans, selling speed tiers there is a lot of competition at the moment.

“The thing people in Broken Hill should be excited about is there is over 100 different retailers that can sell phone and internet services.

“More choice than ever before should lead to better pricing than ever before, obviously a much superior product.

“We’re talking speeds in some cases of up to 50 times quicker than the current ADSL network.”

Mr Saul said any home or business wanting to know when they will connect to the network should head to their website.

“People can check their address on our website nbnco.com.au and that will show them when the NBN will be available at their property.

“It will lead them onto more information. They can find out about the technology and what they can do to get connected.

“I would encourage people to start looking at plans, there is a lot of choice. That’s not only choice of provider, that is choice of speed, choice of data allowance.

“There are some really good instructions on our website of what sort of plan you should be looking at.”

Mr Saul said the possibilities were endless.

“It’s also a great opportunity to transform the way they do business,” he said.

“We are confident this is going to be transformational to the town.

“We’re seeing great economic impacts of NBN especially in other areas of regional Australia and there are obviously great social impacts as well.

“We hope it’s good for the local economy, we hope it retains younger people here.

“And also attract people back to Broken Hill.

“You can now live the lifestyle that you want but have connectivity comparable to capital cities.

“We’re seeing people achieve more with a fast internet connect and a reliable internet connection.”

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