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No problem with food supplies

Wednesday, 25th March, 2020

Customers are strolling, trolleys are rolling in our supermarkets. PICTURE: Supplied Customers are strolling, trolleys are rolling in our supermarkets. PICTURE: Supplied

Food is still coming into Broken Hill with locals advised not to panic.

Lauren Colmer, Manager of Foodland Broken Hill, said they weren’t as busy as they were last week.

“We still are experiencing the same thing as last week,” she said.

“But when stock is available we are getting it.

“It has slowed down a little, there wasn’t as many people as last week.”

Lauren said they may have slowed down due to the government encouraging people to stay at home unless necessary.

“Most people are taking heed of it, we do have to make a few people aware of it.

“We just would like to remind people that check-out operators are also prone to getting sick which is why standing back matters.”

Lauren said there is lots of signage around to remind locals to keep their distance.

Mick Schinella, owner and manager of IGA Fresh and Schinella’s Friendly Grocers, said there is no food shortage.

“It’s still very hectic, we’re getting stock daily - it just depends what comes.

“People are definitely not staying at home, like they have been advised.”

Mick said he has put measures in place to ensure his staff are safe.

“People have to stand 1.5m away from the checkouts and you can only go up one at a time.

“I’ve got hand sanitiser for the staff and we are cleaning the trolleys.

“I don’t know what the panic is about. We’re getting stock in, but distribution centres are a few days behind. So it may not all come at once.

“There is no actual shortage except for hand sanitiser.”

Mick said that the constant panic buying was pushing prices up on items like meat.

Woolworths is also rapidly rolling out a range of new measures to help uphold public and team safety in its stores as the coronavirus health situation continues to unfold.

The supermarket has committed to the installation of protective plexiglass screens at the manned checkouts of each store across Australia in the coming weeks.

The move follows Woolworths’ earlier rollout of social distancing measures in-store to help customers and team members follow the latest public health advice.

Posters placed in prominent sections of the store provide customers and teams with helpful tips to minimise contact with others.

Coles also announced that they are dedicating two Community Hour shopping periods per week to emergency services and healthcare workers, who are essential to protecting the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Starting tomorrow, the first hour of trade on Tuesdays and Thursdays will be for emergency services and healthcare workers including doctors, nurses, paramedics, hospital and ambulance staff, police, firefighters and emergency service workers who hold an AHPRA card, have a workplace ID or are wearing their work uniform.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday Coles Community Hours will continue to be dedicated to vulnerable and elderly customers who hold a government-issued Pensioner Concession Card, Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, Companion Card, Seniors Card, Disability Card and Health Care Card.

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