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Surviving is the business

Wednesday, 25th March, 2020

Stone’s on Argent’s Dylan Stone. PICTURE: Emily McInerney Stone’s on Argent’s Dylan Stone. PICTURE: Emily McInerney

A meeting of Broken Hill’s small businesses has been postponed due to changes from the government regarding COVID-19 measures.

Stone’s on Argent’s Dylan Stone had been working to create a group made up of small businesses that would create a network during these uncertain times.

The interested businesses were set to meet on Thursday for a dinner at the Junction Hotel, however, an announcement by the prime minister on Sunday saw all cafes, pubs and clubs shut unless they offer takeaway meals.

“I suspect that meeting will turn into a digital call, although it won’t be ready by Thursday,” Dylan said.

“We will have to work around some issues. This is now the busiest time for some businesses.

“They will be trying to work out how they can operate.”

Dylan said his cafe was starting to prepare with offering deliveries.

“For the time being this meeting will be postponed, but we still have developed the Small Business Survivors Broken Hill group to help create networking between the businesses.

“We won’t be a Chamber of Commerce but the purpose of the group is to deal with the economy post COVID-19.

“It just wouldn’t be practical to bring everyone together.

“The economy will take a hit and the shops that remain open will take a big hit.

“Staff have already lost their jobs. We need to prepare for the COVID-19 recovery but it won’t be a smooth recovery.

“It won’t be a year of thriving for anyone, it’ll be a year of surviving.

“We have to develop survival budgets to get us through.”

Dylan said his business is offering free deliveries which will impact them in the long run.

“It does hurt us, but we will expand on that and try to look at it as well as what other businesses are doing.”

Since launching the group and Facebook page, Dylan said he has had a lot of interest.

“A lot of businesses registered over the weekend and I expect more to do so during the week.

“If businesses are interested they just have to like the Facebook page and message us with contact information.

“At the end of the day it will be about smart businesses and smart business leaders leading a recovery.”

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