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Mulga keeps eye on food supply

Thursday, 26th March, 2020

Mulga Hill Tavern’s Dean Trengove is working to ensure supply to home-care clients.PICTURE: Kara de Groot Mulga Hill Tavern’s Dean Trengove is working to ensure supply to home-care clients.PICTURE: Kara de Groot

The Mulga Hill Tavern is concerned about possible food shortages as they help feed 120 locals through a home-care service.

The Mulga’s Dean Trengove said for the time being they are offering meals through their drive thru.

“We will continue to do that as long as it is possible, as long as it is allowed,” he said.

“Another stage might see changes that don’t allow takeaways but only allow food to be delivered to homes.

“It will just be wait and see.”

Dean said the Mulga provides meals to 120 clients through the Home Care Service.

“We do service meals for Australian Unity clients, currently we do 120 but we know they have about 400 clients.

“We are doing our best.”

Dean said they are approaching a lot of government officials to get help where they can.

“We might get to a position where we are just inundated for meals.

“These people might not be able to buy food or go to the supermarkets.

“We might have to start feeding them as well.”

Dean said he has also been in contact with the Australian Hotels Association asking for help.

“Other people have been very helpful, the Democratic Club have been very supportive,” he said.

“(The Demo’s) Karren and Ben said we could use their butcher’s van if we need.

“We used to get our meat from their butchers but that has shut.

“There is a bit going on in the background - it’s not just trying to keep staff employed.

“Keeping people fed is our biggest concern.”

Dean said he was concerned with rising prices in supermarkets and the lack of stock that might eventually make it hard for them to source supplies.

As the only pub trading in a big capacity, deliveries from wholesalers will become harder to achieve.

In other news, Dean said they have extended their bottle shop hours from 9am - 11pm.

He said they did that so there wouldn’t be a rush at any one time. 

“Some people will come in early, some late. There will be some restrictions.

“You can’t buy 20 cartons of beer.”

Other drive thru bottle shops will remain open as well.

“Due to updated social distancing regulations, 9am till 9pm, the Black Lion Inn will operate solely as a drive thru, bar service will no longer be available,” the Black released in a statement online.

“Our friendly staff will be on hand for all your needs.”

Shops like BWS and Liquorland are still operating but restrictions are in place on how much can be purchased.

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