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Big Bro pro supports new kid on the block

Saturday, 9th May, 2020

Mat Garrick Mat Garrick

By Emily Ferguson

Broken Hillite Mat Garrick is set to appear in the upcoming series of Big Brother, the second local lad to enter the Big Brother house. 

Broken Hill’s first Big Brother contestant, Trevor Butler, was crowned the winner of the fourth series of the show in 2004. 

Trevor was ecstatic to find out a fellow Broken Hill local would appear on the same show he did. 

“I was really interested because I heard a rumour a few months ago just from people around Broken Hill, they said there was a Broken Hill guy going on because they must have been doing some filming a while ago and someone picked up on that, but I think it’s pretty cool.”

Trevor was stoked to hear that Mat was the one set to appear on Big Brother.

“I think I met Matty a while ago when I was living in Broken Hill, but he was only young back in the day playing footy for North and my little brother was an avid football player back in the day, too.”

For the first time in Australian Big Brother, the show will be pre-recorded compared to the previous live shows. Another change will see the housemates nominate and then evict each other from the Big Brother house, Australia will then decide the winner in a live finale.

The winner takes home $250,000. 

Trevor thinks the changes to the show will be a good refresh for a show that Australia loved.

“It should be good, I reckon; it will be alright,” he said. 

“I’m hoping it will change the show a bit, I think that’s why Channel Seven went that path because I think with the old concept of the show it had run its distance,” he said. 

“A lot of people have been giving it a lot of flack over social media, but all they need to do is go online and have a look at the American and Canadian versions of Big Brother that we are going to be seeing this year, and it’s very different.

“But it still looks like a lot of fun.”

Trevor said he was looking forward to watching the new series and supporting Mat.

“Since he’s got a Broken Hill background, I’m looking forward to seeing how he goes.

“We used to watch every season after mine, and I’m looking forward to seeing how Matty is going because it’s always good,” he said.

“When we used to sit there and watch Big Brother, I would always sit there and go what one of these housemates reminds me of me, or someone that I know,” he said.

“If I could relate to them ... then that’s how I used to get into the show, but if I couldn’t find anybody that I related to, then I’d lose interest in the show a bit.”

Trevor believes that Mat has what it takes to go all the way and win, as he did in his series. “Yeah yeah, I reckon he will, I just added a bit of colour into the show, so that was about it, but Mat’s got that big glorious head that he said he’s got so I’m looking forward to seeing how he goes,” said Trevor. “I reckon if he just sticks to his guns and just doesn’t change his personality or anything I reckon he’ll blitz it.”

“People can pick up once you change your personality, they sniff that out so if he just sticks to his guns and just shoots from the hip and he is just himself then he will kill it, and I reckon he’ll win.”

Trevor said “that’d be friggen awesome” when asked about the possibility of having two from two, Broken Hill Big Brother winners. 

“All the best to Matty and I hope Broken Hill gets behind him like they got behind me back in the day, so I wish him all the best,” said Trevor. 

With the show yet to air, Garrick was unable to be interviewed by media, but we were able to get a short statement from Mat about why he applied and decided to go on Big Brother.

“Apart from challenging myself I really wanted to try and give the people of Broken Hill and surrounds something to tune into and hopefully give them a reason to smile for a little while,” he said. 

“It’s been a really tough time out here. The drought has hit us for six in ways many people wouldn’t know or understand. So hopefully I can give them something to laugh at and forget what’s going on around them and hopefully make them proud to call me one of their own.”

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