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Clint’s a top tradie

Saturday, 23rd May, 2020

Australia’s Male Tradie of the Year, Clint Pearce, with his truck that will receive a new logo as part of the prize that he won. PICTURE: Annette Northey Australia’s Male Tradie of the Year, Clint Pearce, with his truck that will receive a new logo as part of the prize that he won. PICTURE: Annette Northey

By Annette Northey

Local plumber Clint Pearce has taken out this year’s prestigious Australian Male Tradie of the Year award.

This year’s Invoice2go-sponsored award winners were announced on May 7. 

There are four award categories, the other four being Female Tradie of the Year, New Tradie of the Year, and Community Tradie of the Year.

Clint’s former girlfriend, Emma, who now lives in Bateau Bay, nominated him for the award and supplied the information according to the criteria. 

Clint then had to submit a video to the panel and feels this may have been the clincher.

“I had my sausage dog, Bangers, sitting on my lap while I did the video, so he might have got me over the line I think,” Clint said.

Emma submitted stories about some of the honourable ways in which Clint has helped his customers, especially the elderly and the vulnerable.

Clint was called to a job about four or five weeks ago where a lady had another tradesperson there cleaning out her gutters. 

He jumped up on the roof to fix her leaking hot water unit and it was obvious that the gutters hadn’t been cleaned.

“I found plastic bottles and stuff still in the gutters, and I said ‘Love, this hasn’t been cleaned’”.

“I would have been there only about ten or 15 minutes fixing her hot water unit, it wasn’t much of a job.

“She wanted to know what I owed her, but I told her it was free of charge; on the house.”

At job in Adelaide for a 90-year-old lady, when Clint was an apprentice, a hot water tap had come off and she couldn’t get it back on to turn the hot water off.

“It was a 45-minute drive and it took me about ten minutes to fix it, and my boss said ‘Mate, you’ve got to charge her, it’s $245’.

“I said, ‘No, I’m not charging her that’ and he said ‘well that’s what business is mate’.

Clint replied, “Well, don’t pay me. I’m happy to not get paid.

“The boss said, ‘well it doesn’t work like that’ and I got called into the office the next morning and he had a bit of a chat to me. I told him I didn’t think she deserved it, the poor old dear.

“She had probably seven or eight buckets full of hot water and she was so frail she couldn’t move them.

“She was filling them all up and just sitting there shaking.

“She tried to slip me a fifty, but I told her I couldn’t take it.”

Clint has employed many apprentices over the years, the two most recent being in the last three years under Broken Hill Plumbing Services (Clint’s business name).

The awards were meant to be presented by Rob Palmer (Better Homes and Garden) at a ceremony in Sydney and Clint would have been flown over with a friend and put up in a hotel but that was of course cancelled due to the coronavirus. 

Consequently, the prize money was increased to $1000 from $500.

The prize package also included some work wear; national and local media and press exposure; exclusive Australian Tradie of the Year Award branding and logo seal for vehicle, emails, estimates and invoices; and a year’s subscription to the full Invoice2go Plan (valued at $549).

Clint will also be featured as the Australian Tradie of the Year for his category on the Invoice2go global website and their social media channels.

He said there has been a fair amount of media surrounding the award and some people he knows have been calling him and saying they’ve heard it on the radio.

Clint said he had an interview booked with A Current Affair yesterday morning, but wasn’t sure when it would go to air.

There isn’t much in the way of work that Clint doesn’t do; he pretty much covers the whole range of plumbing services and is even working on a brand-new house currently being built in Blende Street, which is a rarity for Broken Hill.

On the weekends he throws his yabbie nets in the back of the truck and heads off to do jobs in Wilcannia, White Cliffs, Ivanhoe and Menindee, so that he can offer his services five days per week in Broken Hill.

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