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Ron’s golden celebration

Saturday, 23rd May, 2020

ABC Saturday Breakfast presenter Ron Josephs has celebrated 50 years long and wonderful years in the radio industry. PICTURE: Myles Burt ABC Saturday Breakfast presenter Ron Josephs has celebrated 50 years long and wonderful years in the radio industry. PICTURE: Myles Burt

By Myles Burt

Local radio identity and ABC’s Saturday Breakfast presenter Ron Josephs celebrated 50 years in the radio industry last week. 

Starting in 1970 at 2BH when the studio used to be located in Union Street, Mr Josephs has worked at a variety of radio stations from Broken Hill to Swan Hill, Adelaide and Mildura.  

Mr Josephs, who is currently working from home in his own makeshift broadcast studio, said he celebrated the radio milestone in the  comfort of his residence. 

Mr Josephs said conducting radio quality broadcasts from home with a minimal amount of equipment is quite a change to when he first started off.  

Back in 1970 he was working with turntables, cassettes, mini discs, reel to reel tape decks and cartridges or ‘carts’ for short that were used to play adverts. 

Now, Mr Josephs said technology has changed so much that the modern studio has been striped back to a microphone, a few consoles and screens.

“It’s been a major change over the years for sure, but if you keep up with it youíre fine,” Mr Josephs said.

“People wouldn’t even know I was home to be honest.”

Embracing a technological learning curve is not foreign for Mr Josephs after 2BH’s chief engineer George McGregor came back to town from the USA in 1970 with a brand new radio automation system called ‘GATES’. 

Mr Josephs said he would have to record time calls for every minute of the clock when helping install GATES so it could be easily played on air, a task that was very time-consuming process.

“Broken Hill was one of the first places in Australia to ever have automation in the studio, on air that is,” Mr Josephs said.

Mr Josephs moved from Adelaide after being offered his first radio job through local Jim Niemann at 2BH. 

He is now the longest serving radio presenter at ABC Broken Hill and possible the town, and has gone through an array of radio experiences. 

Whether it be not being allowed to play British or Australian music on the radio due to a payment issues between radios and artists raised by the Phonogram Performance Company of Australia (PPCA) and the Australasian Performing Rights Association (APRA), interviewing the inventor of the Webster Pack, extensively covering ANZAC Day services in Adelaide or interviewing country music legends such as Slim Dusty and John Williamson. 

His favourite people to interview were Colleen Hewett and Angry Anderson from Rose Tattoo, who despite the name was the nicest man he’s ever interviewed.

“I’ve spoken to some really wonderful people,” Mr Josephs said.

“It’s wonderful and I’ve enjoyed it, I’ve always said to the kids if I get an ego kill me and I’m still around.

“So it wasn’t an ego thing, it was just a love of music, love of communicating with people and presenting programs.”

Mr Josephs has no plans to retire from the microphone just yet, and wishes well anyone who is looking to pursue a radio career.

“You’ve got to work hard to get what you want.

“It’s been a great lifestyle, I’ve loved it.”

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