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Happy days here again

Saturday, 30th May, 2020

General Manager of the Musicians Club Michael Boland measuring 1.5m to ensure enough space is provided in each area of the club. PICTURE: Emily McInerney General Manager of the Musicians Club Michael Boland measuring 1.5m to ensure enough space is provided in each area of the club. PICTURE: Emily McInerney

By Emily McInerney

From Monday, Broken Hill residents can finally have their ‘happy hour’.

As of June 1, the number of patrons allowed in those kinds of hospitality venues will increase from 10 currently to 50, well ahead of schedule, in a bid to revive the economy.

General Manager of the Musicians Club, Michael Boland said they would be open from 10am, Monday.

“We have placed hand sanitiser at every corner, we’ve installed anti-bacterial wipes - so people can wipe down tables.

“Even though our staff will be doing regular cleanings; if people want an extra layer of protection you can wipe it over yourself.”

Mr Boland said all areas will be open but social distancing would be required.

He said the main bar would be open from 10am - noon for the bingo group but the rest of the club will be open for everyone.

“It will be first thing when the bar is nice and freshly cleaned.

“We want to keep a safe and social venue for our bingo players. We know they have missed their outings and we want to provide security to them.

“We’ve separated the bar into two areas to limit co-mingling and help us monitor that.

“There are plenty of bars around the club so we are set up and ready to go if we need to move to another bar.

“We will offer table service in the restaurant and that’s something we hope to continue on with.

“It’s also another great way to limit co-mingling.

“Also if people are sitting down having a drink we ask that they wait until the bar is free to get up and order another drink.”

Mr Boland said like many other clubs they would have COVID-19 marshals.

“We also require the details of people coming into the club, but as that will be our members - we ask that they sign in at the front reception.”

Mr Boland said he has received a lot of feedback about how people are missing the club.

“The support from the entire community has been amazing.

“We wouldn’t be in a rush to open if we didn’t think we could keep our members safe.

“We’ve put the measures in place and we wouldn’t do it otherwise.”

Mr Boland said they’re following the COVID plan developed by Clubs NSW.

“They developed the program with an infection control specialist and we feel it is in line with the best industry practice.”

The Mulga Hill Tavern will open from 9am, Monday morning and will be providing their usual services such as TAB, KENO, Bistro and pub dining, as well as many other various entertainment pursuits, within the bounds that the four-square metre rule allows.

“We would like to say thanks, as always, to our loyal staff and to our varied and loyal clientele for their patience, support and unwavering optimism that we could make it through this crisis,” owner Dean Trengove said.

“We will do our very best to provide as good an entertainment experience as we possibly can under the new circumstances.

“We ask the public for their understanding regarding the many guidelines that we are forced to follow, both for the continued safety of our staff and our many patrons; some of who may be in the more vulnerable age group or people with pre-existing medical conditions.”

The Tydvil Hotel is looking forward to seeing all their patrons on the inside.

“The old girl has been given a makeover to ensure many more good times ahead,” owner Eric Hanna said.

“As the week progresses, and the regulations change a few more times, the Tydvil doors will open on Wednesday, June 3.

“At this stage we will be limited to 50 customers at any given time. 

“Our takeaway service will continue as usual.”

S-Que will be open for in house dining from Monday, June 1. Seating is limited and people are encouraged to book.

The Broken Hill Pub will be open from Tuesday, June 2 - bookings are also essential.

As well as pubs and clubs, more people can attend religious services, weddings and funerals from June 1 but worshippers will be asked to maintain social distancing and changes to communal practices will be required.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian said from Monday, up to 20 people can attend weddings, 50 at funerals and 50 at places of worship, subject to the four square metre rule. 

The Demo is open from 10am Monday, and was contacted for comment.

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