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Our man about the big house

Saturday, 6th June, 2020

Broken Hill’s Mat Garrick is a housemate on the new season of Big Brother. PICTURE: Supplied Broken Hill’s Mat Garrick is a housemate on the new season of Big Brother. PICTURE: Supplied

By Emily Ferguson

Broken Hill’s soon-to-be favourite Big Brother housemate, Mat Garrick, will grace our screens this Monday when the show premieres. 

Garrick went through a lengthy process to become a contestant on the show, but it was all worth it for the great experience he had.

He said he threw his hat in the ring for Survivor and saw that Big Brother was coming back.

He had heard whispers that it was going to be different to the old show, more like the Survivor format, so he threw his hat in the ring there as well. 

“It was a big online application form to start with, there was so many questions,” Mat said.

“I can’t even remember how many but lots of questions, a really wide range of random things and then at the end I had to submit a video and a few photos so I did that and then heard back from one of the team,” he said.

“Then I had to do a couple of Skype interviews face-to-face with people, then another couple of videos and then had an interview with the head producer and got a call about a week later telling me I got a gig.”

Mat said he was absolutely stoked to be accepted.

“It didn’t feel real to be honest, she rang me and I was like ‘aw yeah thanks’ and then hung up and I was like shit I should probably ring back so I rang back and apologised like ‘sorry I was just a bit lost for words’, so I was super stoked.”

The response from family, friends and the local community upon finding out Mat was a contestant, has been that of epic excitement.

“The only two people that knew before I went were my fiance Jess and my best mate Kel (Jayden Kelly) and the reason being is I was best man in his wedding and it was looking like I would have to miss it but they (Big Brother) were really nice and they let me come the day after,” he said. 

“So they were the only two people that knew and I told my parents when I got home, but they were all very excited and that excitement has grown even more now that people know what I was doing.”

Mat said locals should definitely get around the show.

“Taking my participation out of it whether you like me or not, they’ll really enjoy the rest of the people as well that were in there just a really diverse range of people, a lot of different personalities, a lot of different backgrounds,” he said.

“But I think they’ll enjoy the show as a whole, I know I had a lot of fun participating in it, so as the old saying goes give the local a go and get behind me.”

The new series of Big Brother is different to what viewers would remember of previous seasons. Formerly the public would vote a housemate out each week but this time around the contestants played for their place.

“This year like I said it took on more of that Survivor feel and we actually played to get a top three which Australia will then vote on, so we participated in elimination challenges where if you won you won the power to eliminate fellow housemates and then the rest of the housemates vote people out,” said Mat.

“It’s sort of taken that public vote out of it until the finale, we’ll all go back to Sydney in late July for a live finale where Australia will vote on the winner.”

When asked if he thought he had what it takes to become Broken Hill’s second Big Brother winner, Mat said he hoped he did.

“Going in there I was pretty confident that all things going well I could give a pretty good account of myself,” he said.

“I used to love watching big Trev (Trevor Butler) when he was on there back in ‘04 so hopefully I give off some of the similar vibes that he had and that gets me a fair way into the game,” he said. 

“But win, lose or draw I had an absolute blast, I think I’ve made some lifelong friends out of it and met some people I’ll never talk to again as well, but I had a great time and hopefully I can give it a red hot shake.”

Mat said he hopes everyone enjoys the show and encouraged people to please be kind, because although he doesn’t read all the comments online, his Grandma does.

Catch Mat on the new season of Big Brother on Channel 7 on Monday, June 8, from 7.30pm. 

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