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Furry friends boost morale

Saturday, 11th July, 2020

Penni the three-year-old British Bulldog is one of the resident pooches of Pets Tucker, owner Tayla Cuffe’s dog. Penni the three-year-old British Bulldog is one of the resident pooches of Pets Tucker, owner Tayla Cuffe’s dog.

By Emily Ferguson

A Broken Hill photographer has used her skills to capture the ‘furry friends’ of businesses around town in an effort to boost morale.

Kristy Smith of Tux Pet Photography started the project with the hopes of raining morale and exposure of local businesses during the coronavirus pandemic. She approached local businesses about photographing the retailer’s pets in the stores, participation was free.

There were a total of 17 businesses involved in the pet photography project, the pets were mostly dogs but there was also a cat pictured and even a chicken. 

“The project was created in an effort to spread some joy during the pandemic and remind the community to shop locally where possible,” Kristy said.

“Being a pet lover myself, I thought showing the ‘furry side’ of our stores could help show a different side to them and hopefully spark a bit of positivity locally, boosting morale,” she said.

Owner of Pets Tucker Tayla Cuffe was one of the businesses to participate in the project.

Her dogs Penni and Dash enjoyed the photo shoot, and while Penni got up to some mischief the photos came out perfectly, with her personality on full display. 

Tayla said she thought the project was a great idea and has turned out so cute.

“When she came and did it we weren’t a hundred percent sure what it was all about but Kristy always does amazing stuff anyway,” she said.

“When you know someone has a dog or you know what breed of dog they have, they actually seem more relatable.

“Because they’re also a pet person you have something in common so they may be more approachable.

“I think everyone that did get to participate has enjoyed it and I think it will surely show businesses in a different light and a bit of fun for everyone because it has been a pretty crazy year.

“I think she’s done a really good job and to do it off her own back with her own time and effort and everything, is really thoughtful,” said Tayla. 

Sampsons employee Rebecca Doyle was featured in the project with her dogs. Sampsons owner Peter Nash spoke of the project and how it has benefited locals.

“I think all these things are great, like when they did the Tik Tok dance thing around the street it sort of created a sense of positivity and a bit of fun, a bit of light-heartedness so I think it’s great.

“It’s good to see people have strong affiliations with their animals, I certainly know Rebecca does, she loves her two dogs so she was excited to be able to be involved in it,” said Peter.

“So yeah it’s a good fun project and it’s got lots of little messages in there amongst it, so it’s good.”

The whole collection of photos from Kristy’s pet project can be found on the Tux Pet Photography Facebook Page. 

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