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Corner store opens up

Saturday, 11th July, 2020

The Cameron Corner Store will finally be able to serve customers after the NSW and Queensland border officially reopened yesterday. PICTURE: Cameron Corner Store The Cameron Corner Store will finally be able to serve customers after the NSW and Queensland border officially reopened yesterday. PICTURE: Cameron Corner Store

By Myles Burt

Financially stranded since March, the Cameron Corner Store is now allowed to serve travellers after the NSW/QLD border opened yesterday.

The borders of SA, NSW and Queensland intersect at Cameron Corner, but the actual store is in Queensland. It receives the majority of its customers from NSW and South Australia.

Manager Brett Johns said the business has been running at a 100 per cent loss since Queensland closed its borders.

He said even Queenslanders weren’t able to visit them, due to restrictions that did not allow people to travel 100kms from their residential address.

“The closest Queensland town is Noccundra which is 270kms away, and the rest are all in South Australia pretty much, or NSW,” Mr Johns said.

He said it had been heartbreaking for staff to see 50 to 60 travellers a day visit Cameron Corner from NSW and SA, and not being able to serve them because of the QLD border lockdown.

“We’ve had people lining up at the fence trying to throw money at us to buy souvenirs, buy beer, buy a sandwich, or just to try and help us out,” Mr Johns said.

“But we are not allowed to sell anything to them which has been a bit of a shame because technically they’re on the other side of the border and we can’t associate with them.

“That’s been hard to see all that money come in through the gate, look at the post and then turn around and go back.”

Mr Johns said he’s hoping for the same cross border enthusiasm with the store doors now open to travellers.

He said the store will be doing takeaway only, with patrons having to drink and eat outside due to social distancing rules.

However, Mr Johns said the store will have an outdoor bar for patrons.

The store can only hold 50 people, and will allow people to enter for dine in purposes only where they can properly adhere to social distancing laws.

“We just can’t have people walking around, drinking beer and talking to everyone unfortunately,” Mr Johns said.

“But outside of our premises, it’s up to the individual then to do their social distancing.”

Travellers looking to make the trek from NSW can pass through the SA border gate at Cameron Corner to get to the QLD gate to the Cameron Corner Store.

Mr Johns said travellers coming into QLD need to have a QLD health declaration on their person to show police before they can enter into QLD.

Mr Johns said police from SA and QLD would be present and actively patrolling the borders and roads. 

“If anybody thinks that they might know a bit of a back track here or a bit of a back track there, please be aware that there will be police where you wouldn’t expect them to be,” Mr Johns said.

Mr Johns stresses to eager travellers wanting to visit the Cameron Corner Store to fill out the right paperwork so they can come out for a beer and a relaxing time.

“We’re well prepared, the girls are cooking up a storm in the kitchen and we’re getting everything sorted out,” Mr Johns said.

Travellers can apply for a Queensland Border Declaration Pass online at https://bit.ly/38IlIS4.

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