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Movement at the stadium

Wednesday, 16th September, 2020

Steve Lihou has been re-appointed as President of the Broken Hill association for a second year. PICTURE: Supplied Steve Lihou has been re-appointed as President of the Broken Hill association for a second year. PICTURE: Supplied

With the end of the 2019/20 Broken Hill basketball season coming to a sudden and unexpected end back in March this year due to the COVID virus, there is the slightest bit of movement back at the RK Sanderson Stadium.

At the recent AGM, Steve Lihou was re-appointed to the role of President for the association, for a second season.

“The 2019/20 season was absolutely amazing for the Broken Hill basketball community but the way that it ended so suddenly due to COVID was really disappointing,” said Lihou.

“We had huge plans for the Grand Final day, it really had been planned to be the pinnacle of the season but unfortunately it just couldn’t take place. 

“With what I felt was some unfinished business, I really wanted to come back again this season to take on the President role and lead the team to pretty much finish off what we started last season.”

“The new executive of the Broken Hill Basketball Association has been formed and we have some great people on board so the excitement really is there but it’s just a matter of us now working through the restrictions and seeing what we can and what we can’t do.

“We are very conscious that locally AFL football and soccer were unable to get up and running and of course, given that we have indoor courts, we do have a whole range of restrictions that we must adhere to.

“But in saying that, I can certainly assure everyone that we as a Committee are doing all that we can do to get movement back at the Stadium.”

The one thing that has become apparent to the new Committee in the initial discussions regarding the potential up and coming 2020/21 season is that it won’t happen unless there are volunteers willing to help out.

“As we are working through the NSW restrictions we have come to realise that us as a small Committee of 10 people cannot do all of the work alone,” he said.

“The Committee has made a commitment to do all that we can to get some form of basketball going but we are going to need an equal commitment from the wider Broken Hill Basketball community if something is actually going to take off.” 

The Broken Hill Basketball Association will be holding an information session on Thursday, September 17, at 6.30pm at Sanderson Stadium where the committee will advise patrons of their proposals for the upcoming 2020/21 season. 

“This will be an opportunity for the Basketball community to ask questions and also for them to be able to commit to assisting during the next few months,” said Lihou.

“We have worked on a few options for basketball between now and Christmas and then again post-Christmas but any of these options will only work with the commitment from volunteers.

“Unfortunately I don’t think basketball as we previously knew it will be up and running for quite a while but we are committed to try and provide something.

“We don’t want the 2020/21 season to be null and void like so many other sports have had to of late, but like those sports, we will not be able to run anything if we don’t have people to commit to helping out.”

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