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Try keeping up with Joneses

Wednesday, 14th October, 2020

Brian and Caroline Jones celebrate their 60th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow. PICTURE: Emily Ferguson Brian and Caroline Jones celebrate their 60th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow. PICTURE: Emily Ferguson

By Emily Ferguson

Tomorrow marks the 60th wedding anniversary for Caroline and Brian Jones - six decades full of baking, family, travel and love.

They first met thanks to a work colleague and friend.

“One of my best friends introduced her to me because he used to work with her when she was 15 and so we met in Argent Street,” said Brian. 

The beginning of their relationship was spent on the dance floor.

“We used to go to quite a few dances, ballroom dancing,” said Caroline. 

The pair were together for three years before their engagement and they were married at the Oxide Street Methodist Church on October 15, 1960.

It was a big wedding with many guests celebrating their union. 

Brian said 60 years had gone so quickly. 

The couple have four children, Randall, Hayden, Narelle and Katrina, four grandchildren - Stephanie, Nathan, Tameka and Gabrielle - and six great grandchildren - Mason, Grace, Tilly, Leroy, Scarlett, Seth and another due any day now. 

When asked about their stand-out memories over the years, the delicious food was the thing that came to mind. 

“Carol has always had a Sunday roast,” said Brian. “Her grandmother and mother started that and we’ve done it ever since. I wanted to stop but she won’t because the kids come here, have their meal and go home again. 

“And she’s baked all her life, she’s a great baker, makes cakes all the time.” Caroline added, “I bake them and he eats all the cakes.”

They couldn’t put a finger on what they believe is the secret to a long and successful marriage but they said they’ve always got along well and helped each other all the time. They also said that taking time to do things together was important.  

“We’ve always done things together and I think that’s what you’ve got to do. We toured Australia in 1990. We were younger then and that’s what people should do, don’t wait until your 70 and 80 years old to start towing a caravan because it’s too dangerous,” said Brian.

“We’ve done that all our life, travelled all over Australia. I can remember once that I was doing work for the mines and I had a heap of money, I came home this day and Carol wanted to turn the mattress over and that’s where I had the money hid. I found $2000 under the mattress so we went to Tasmania and that was a really good holiday.

“We did a fly drive. It was $140 each which is hard to imagine but that was the flight over to Tasmania and a car and accommodation. We went for seven days and eight nights,” he said. 

As for celebrating their 60th Wedding Anniversary, that will be put on hold until next month when the family all get together for Caroline’s 80th birthday. “I had no idea, this was all organised and they were going to surprise me until my son spilt the beans on Sunday,” she said.

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