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Sisters turn tragedy and grief into an essential life resource

Saturday, 17th October, 2020

IN THE END: A parting gift for your loved ones IN THE END: A parting gift for your loved ones

When 44-year-old Layne Harvey and his sons, 23-year-old Jakeb and 16-year-old Kurtis, were killed in a tragic accident at their Broken Hill home in June 2018, it set in motion a series of repercussions far beyond the unimaginable grief of losing three family members.

For Layne’s wife, Cherie, the mother of their two sons, that fateful day created an unexpected series of events which highlighted the importance of official paperwork rigmarole, and how hard it is to gather all these elements in the midst of a heightened state of bereavement. 

Fortunately, Cherie was able to turn to her sisters, Lisa Doust and Melanie Vugich, for help.

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