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New medical centre on way

Saturday, 7th November, 2020

Interhealth General Manager Heather Pearce and Steve Radford have partnered to bring a new medical imaging centre to the Broken Hill community. PICTURE: Emily Ferguson Interhealth General Manager Heather Pearce and Steve Radford have partnered to bring a new medical imaging centre to the Broken Hill community. PICTURE: Emily Ferguson

By By Emily Ferguson

Interhealth Family Practice’s Heather Pearce and businessman Steve Radford have combined to bring a highly sought-after service to the people of the Far West to improve health outcomes through a large multidisciplinary health and medical centre. 

Heather Pearce said Interhealth Family Practice is rebranding as a Thrive Medical and relocating to the old Legion Club, which is 170 Crystal Street. 

“We’ll be going into partnership with Steve Radford and creating a new company and this will also provide an MRI, CT, X-Ray and Ultrasound,” she said. 

“The vision is to incorporate more services for the community of Broken Hill which will be available locally.

“Our company has commenced construction of a large multidisciplinary health and medical centre in Broken Hill and has purchased a full suite of top-of-the-line medical imaging equipment. This centre is an expansion of our medical and allied health practice and is expected to further consolidate many of the services we already offer.

“By providing these imaging services locally, we can ensure that the residents of Far West NSW have convenient and timely access to vital services, while also saving on the expense of transporting patients to other cities with similar capabilities,” she said. 

“Benson Radiology from South Australia are also coming on board and partnering with us and will be providing regular on-site interventional radiology procedures such as bursal injections and biopsies. The key to our success is that we will be the only private practice to offer both on-site procedures and teleradiology reporting available 24/7 and have the clinical governance and oversight of our processes provided by one of the largest radiology companies in Adelaide, Benson Radiology. Benson’s was formed in 1958 and has a well-deserved reputation as a leader in diagnostic and interventional radiology.”

Heather said she and Steve have been working together and planning this for the last eighteen months.

“The need arose for him when his dad Gary became unwell and he had to have quite a few MRIs and I guess he thought there should be an MRI available locally and he wanted to just buy one.

“But you can’t just buy any old one and put it in, you need to be able to back it up with competent and warm staff and an engaged and committed radiology company prepared to come to us,” she said. 

“So I guess that planted the seed that there was a need for it locally and if families like Gary’s could see that need then I’m sure there’s other people within our community that would find it difficult to travel to have their MRI undertaken as well.

“The lack of accessible MR imaging and interventional procedures leads to delayed diagnosis, higher rates of chronic and complex illness and higher rates of mortality and morbidity in our region. As a group of professionals who are passionate about our patients and what we do, we are establishing the new health centre to fill the gaps in healthcare and elevate the standards for healthcare in our region.”

Interhealth Family Practice is still business as normal through Morgan Street until the Thrive Medical Centre opens and then all their services will relocate in the coming year. 

“We’ve just engaged Hutchinson Builders, they’re a national company and they’ve started demolition work at the old Legion Club in the last two weeks,” said Heather.

“The MRI will be installed in January and we hope to have it all up and going and commissioned by early February. The project will be staged but we’re hopeful we’ll be able to start receiving referrals by February.”

The demolition of the building was completed this week and therefore construction will begin on Monday November 9, and the aim is to be open and fully operational by February 2021. 

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