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Meat draw pulls in community cash

Wednesday, 2nd December, 2020

The Workies Meat Draw organisers (from left). Leeann Clogg, Sharon DeGoumois, Barb Milne and Sophie Milne at the “Corona Bar.” PICTURE: Emily Ferguson The Workies Meat Draw organisers (from left). Leeann Clogg, Sharon DeGoumois, Barb Milne and Sophie Milne at the “Corona Bar.” PICTURE: Emily Ferguson

By Emily Ferguson

A group of local women began a “Workies Meat Draw” as a way to keep local people and business engaged throughout the COVID period - and it has generated more than $60,000 for the community.

After the lockdown that isolated the entirety of the town, organisers Leeann Clogg, Sharon DeGoumois, Barb Milne and Sophie Milne created a virtual Meat Draw that consisted of numerous local businesses around town contributing gift vouchers or trays to raffle off to locals. 

The first draw took place on April 1 with 37 people getting a ticket in the draw which was livestreamed from the “Corona Bar” in Leeann’s house, to now where the draws are taking place at the Workies Club with upwards of 400 people entering each week. 

The businesses involved in the meat draw include Warburton’s Butchers, Top End Meat, Broken Hill Gourmet Meats, Tydvil Hotel, Mulga Hill Tavern, Rags Chicken and Chips, Newsworld, Schinella’s, Spargos, Alfrescos, Foodland, Macs Oven Foods and of course the Workies Club. As well as S’Que, the Haven and the Hilltop who have recently jumped on board as well. 

“The main idea of the draw was to support small businesses, to get them and the community through COVID and the lockdown,” said Leeann Clogg. 

The draw has been running for 35 weeks and so far there has been roughly $61,000 put back into the community as a result.

Organisers expect that at the conclusion of the draw in week 38, they will have generated approximately $66,000 through the local communities businesses. 

To keep the virtual draw intriguing and to ensure the locals had something to look forward to the draws often came as a themed night for people to dress up in their homes on a Friday night in the beginning of lockdown, or nowadays out of isolation they dress up for the night at the Workies.

From footy nights, to an ANZAC theme were the ode was played, apron nights, and a Pink night. 

As well as theme nights there were also charity nights once back at the Workies, with a variety of local organisations hosting the draw for the livestream such as the Broken Hill Breast Cancer Support Group, Lions Club, a DIPG night, Country Women’s Association and even local Firefighters hosted one, as well as many more community groups.

“Not just Broken Hill people got involved either, there are people from all over such as Robinvale, Albury, Port Macquarie and even America,” said Sharon DeGoumois.

“For those who don’t live here if they win they have their prize delivered to family members in town.”

The draw allowed locals to interact with others on the livestream when in person interaction wasn’t allowed, they would interact through the comments on the Facebook stream. The draw is still livestreamed each week for those who can’t attend in person at the Workies Club - it also isn’t essential to be a member of the club to get involved in these draws. 

“It started as a way to just keep in contact with everybody, it helped a lot of people through the hard times,” said Mrs DeGoumois. 

The organisers wished to thank everyone who has been involved, from the incredibly generous businesses, the locals who got involved and their “A Team” of helpers who assisted.

They said they were grateful to have created this feel good thing for the community in a difficult year. 

There are still three weeks to go of the draws and anyone wanting to get involved can do so by delivering their $5 entry fee to either the Workies Club or Priceline Pharmacy by 11am Thursday each week, as well as their name, phone number and address - so if you win you can be contacted and have our prize delivered on the Saturday following the draw if you aren’t in attendance to retrieve it yourself. 

To watch the draw head to the Facebook Group ‘Workies Virtual Meat Draw’ and request to join the group. 

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