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C’mon Southies, get motivated

Saturday, 12th December, 2020

South Football Club Vice Chairman Michael Bird and President Luke Hendry are disappointed that they were forced to postpone their AGM due to a lack of numbers. PICTURE: Emily Ferguson South Football Club Vice Chairman Michael Bird and President Luke Hendry are disappointed that they were forced to postpone their AGM due to a lack of numbers. PICTURE: Emily Ferguson

By Emily Ferguson

The South Football Club was forced to postpone their Annual General Meeting (AGM) last weekend due to a lack of numbers, 

Once before in the club’s history has this happened where they couldn’t host the AGM because not enough members were in attendance, South Football Club Chairman, Luke Hendry and Vice Chairman, Michael Bird said they were quite disappointed but are putting it down to complacency.

Hendry said they had 19 people turn up on the day.

“We need 25 to hold a proper vote and we didn’t have the numbers so instead of trying to get the people here to make up the numbers because realistically they weren’t going to stand on the committee,” he said.

Vice Chairman Michael Bird said: “Basically I did a count and I thought there were probably six people who were in the room at the time that would’ve went on the committee so it wouldn’t really have helped us for the other people so come so we needed to get a committed lot here who can hopefully make the club run successfully and hopefully they join the committee and enjoy it.

“I think it comes down to complacency, everyone just thinks that we’ll do the work and we’ll go for it,” said Bird.

“Another thing is the COVID and not having football this year, not having the opportunity to go to football on a Saturday and then come over to the club and enjoy yourself even if you are working on the committee you enjoy yourself. This year the committee has still had to work and make some money to pay the bills but the enjoyment wasn’t there so perhaps that had something to do it.”

The club’s AGM’s usually take place on a Sunday, whereas this year they held it on a Saturday which they suspect could have impacted the attendance numbers.

“We changed the date this year so I don’t know if that had a factor in it, because it’s traditionally on a Sunday so that might’ve contributed,” added Hendry.

“There could be a range of factors, I’d like to think maybe complacency and the change of date I’m going to put it down to.”

The duo of Chairman and Vice Chairman said they would encourage members and supporters to attend this weekend’s AGM on the postponed date to simply keep the club going.

“It’s their club too, they need to come here and support us, even though we’re very successful on the field a lot of that starts from the top with the Chairman’s and that, it works all the way down,” said Bird.

“So we’re successful but at this rate without help from the South people who normally go to football, come over the club for a drink, it’s just not going to happen so we need some people to think about joining the committee.”

“The more helpers we have, more hand make light work so the more people the less people are going to have to do,” said Hendry.

“It’s not a full time job being on the committee, it’s a meeting once a month and help out when you can.”

The South Football Club are on the hunt to fill a few specific positions which include secretary, junior secretary, a junior vice president and a bar manager. 

“That’s the big one, a bar manager, because I’ve talked to people who say they don’t want to go on the committee because they’ll end up behind the bar, well hopefully we’re going to deal with that by having a bar manager, we’ve always tried to get one but it’s been very hard,” said Bird. 

“We’ve decided that the bar manager should be a reasonably paid position, it’ll be honorarium not an hourly rate but it will be a nice bonus come Christmas time next year, so if we can get that position filled hopefully that will get more people interested to help the club knowing they won’t have to be stuck behind the bar.”

“Just please come down on Sunday and support the club, put your hands up, if you’re thinking about doing it just give it a go, simple as that,” said Hendry. 

The AGM will take place tomorrow, Sunday December 13 from 1pm at the South Football Club, the bar will open afterwards, continuing into a ‘Thank you Day’ for sponsors and helpers from 4pm to 7pm.

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