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Cheeky send off

Thursday, 7th January, 2021

The sign placed near the Council admin building last week. PICTURE: Emily McInerney The sign placed near the Council admin building last week. PICTURE: Emily McInerney

By Emily McInerney

Council’s former General Manager James Roncon has received a tongue in cheek final “farewell” from a local business.

Boss Construction’s Nick Bobos placed his ‘Broken Hill’ sign near the Council administration building last week.

The Broken Hill sign was made by the Boss Construction team a number of years ago and caused some controversy because it was placed without a development application.

Underneath the sign, Mr Bobos placed ‘Farwell (sic) Roncon’. The General Manager James Roncon placed his resignation in recently and will be finishing during this month.

He said it was a way to send a final farewell.

“It was a little goodbye; it will be good to see the guy gone,” Mr Bobos said.

“I put the sign there and put farewell on it.

“Then the Council ranger rang up and told me I had to remove it within the hour

“I said I couldn’t do that and at about 1.30pm - 2pm I removed it.

“They said I didn’t have permission to display the sign.”

A lot of people stopped to look at the sign.

“I’ve received a lot of positive feedback and comments about the sign

“I know a number of tourists were stopping and taking pictures.

“It definitely draws a crowd.”

Mr Bobos said the sign wasn’t originally made to be an exit or entryway sign which had caused controversy.

“I didn’t make it to be an exitway sign, I made it to be put somewhere in town.

“I suggested a few places it could be put and I told Council they could have the sign.

“Council weren’t interested and didn’t want to display it.

“I’ll put in a DA to Council so hopefully the sign can be placed somewhere.”

Council put an impound notice on the sign but no fine was given and the sign wasn’t towed.

A Council spokesman said they would consider any Development Applications “based on its merits once lodged”.

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