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‘Aunty Flo’ to celebrate big milestone

Thursday, 7th January, 2021

Flo Power will be celebrating her 100th birthday this weekend. PICTURE: Gavin Schmidt Flo Power will be celebrating her 100th birthday this weekend. PICTURE: Gavin Schmidt

By Emily McInerney

A local woman known to most people in town as ‘Aunty Flo’ will be celebrating her 100th birthday this weekend.

Flo Power was born on January 9, 1921 and will be celebrating her birthday on Saturday.

Her granddaughter, Bronwyn White, said Flo grew up in the bush and came into Broken Hill when she was 14 years old.

“She really wanted to be able to go to school and was able to do that at 14 for about six months,” Bronwyn said.

“Then she had to go to work.”

Flo was known for her dressmaker skills which she did from home, but was also a domestic worker.

“She was married and had her first baby at 18,” Bronwyn said.

Flo had three children; her surviving children are Mary and Rita with John passing away a few years ago.

She has eight grandchildren (two are deceased), seven great grandchildren and three great, great grandchildren.

“Flo lived down north and her children went to Catholic school,” Bronwyn said.

“She would do a lot of knitting and sewing for the Catholic fetes.

“To this day, she still crotchets, she can’t sit without something in her hands.”

Bronwyn said Flo is partial to the pokies and was known to walk to the Democratic Club for a press.

“She loves the pokies and playing housie, she also loved old time dancing and would go to the clubs and the North Mine Hall to dance.

“She kept going until there was no one left to dance with. She was a very good dancer.

“She also played tennis and bowls; she was good at those.

“Two years ago she moved into Aruma Lodge and was driving up until that time.

“She’s still mobile. She would take her walker and pop up the street or pop over to the Demo.

“My parents would drop her to the Demo to play the pokies and she would take the Demo bus home.

“Occasionally her nephew would be driving it. She is related to at least half of Broken Hill; as you can imagine.

“Everyone in town called her ‘Auntie Flo’.”

Bronwyn said there were big celebrations planned, but unfortunately due to COVID; the grandchildren, nieces and nephews from SA and Victoria won’t be able to attend.

“We are having an open house at the John DeFranceschi Aged Care Centre (if restrictions allow) on Saturday.”

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