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Magpies leading man

Wednesday, 13th January, 2021

Greg Wellington on Central’s home turf. As senior coach of the club in 2021 he plans to hit the ground running. PICTURE: Emily Ferguson Greg Wellington on Central’s home turf. As senior coach of the club in 2021 he plans to hit the ground running. PICTURE: Emily Ferguson

By Emily Ferguson

With a fresh perspective and a wealth of knowledge, Greg Wellington has been appointed as the new senior coach for the Central Football Club.

Wellington was named as the Magpies reserves coach for the 2020 season; but evidently, it didn’t go ahead. 

“I had a go at the reserves last year and COVID stuffed us all up, I just love coaching and last year was my stepping stone into Broken Hill AFL and I wanted to take the next step,” he said. 

Wellington is looking forward to being part of the local league.

“I keep reading about the history of Broken Hill AFL, it’s pretty big. “I’ve been here three years now and looking around the town, seeing how tribal the three teams are in this community and I just want to be part of it, I’m so stoked to be doing that this year.”

With the layout and restrictions of the local 2021 season yet to be announced or confirmed, Wellington said he hasn’t put too much thought into his plans and hopes as of yet. 

“You know none of us know exactly what to expect this year, after a year off. 

A lot of people may come back, a lot of people may go missing.

“But I think it’s more that I want to dig my fingers into this club and try to establish a culture here, to challenge players both mentally and physically.

“Hopefully that will reflect on the field come game day.” 

Wellington has worked up quite the resume when it comes to his coaching history. 

He began coaching at senior level back in 2004 in Nowra in the NSW South Coast League where he coached them to three premierships. 

He took a break from coaching to play football in Sydney but returned to the role in Nowra in 2009 through to 2012. 

“I was lucky enough to be selected as the NSW State Indigenous AFL Talent Pathway the Kickstart program, I managed to get in there and coach some very talented young players, against extremely talented young players from all over Australia,” he said. 

“From there, in 2015 I went on to be assistant coach for Andrew McLeod in the Under 15s Boomerangs, the Australian side.

“That was an incredible experience I learnt a lot from one of the greatest players to ever play the game.”

He then returned to Nowra and continued on as head coach until 2016, before he and his family moved across to the Far West of the state.

He is now getting back into coaching after three years on the sidelines. 

Wellington’s coaching panel consists of Hamish McLean as his assistant coach.

“We’re pretty light on at the moment,” he said. 

“We’re short a reserves coach and an under 18s coach so we’re still looking there. 

We’ve got a couple of names in the pipeline that we’re hoping to hear back from.

“Hopefully we’ll have an announcement in the next week or two that we’ve got a few more on board.

“I do have an incredible senior group of players that are willing to put their hands up and help out as much as possible, to jump in and do what’s needed.

“But personally I just want them to concentrate on playing footy and on their own game but I am very well supported.”

He said the thing about being new to a club is that reputation really goes by the wayside.

“I can only see what I see on the field, but what I have seen, is I’ve got people like Jordan Gilby and Jarred Paull, now that he’s stepped away from coaching, he’s concentrating on his football - those group of guys are driving for change which is good. 

“I’m so excited to be a part of not just the Central Football Club but, the Broken Hill Football community as a whole and hopefully I can establish myself here and get to know the other coaches find out who the other players are and really have some fun this year. 

“I’m looking forward to showing a couple of the boys some new things, we’ve been hitting the track since the start of December and we’re pretty keen. 

“We’re hitting it three nights a week and obviously we have to do that because we’re so far behind the other three teams, going off 2019 results, but you never know - we’ll see what happens. 

If anything, hopefully the boys will be more competitive this year. “

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