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Coulton wants the jab

Saturday, 16th January, 2021

Regional Health Minister and Parkes MP, Mark Coulton. Regional Health Minister and Parkes MP, Mark Coulton.

By Emily McInerney

Regional Health Minister and Parkes MP Mark Coulton will be lining up for the COVID vaccine as soon as it is available.

It was announced last week that the rollout of a coronavirus vaccine in Australia will be brought forward, with those who are vulnerable and frontline workers being the first to receive a jab.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said workers dealing with international arrivals and quarantine, frontline health workers, aged care and disability workers and those living in aged care or with a disability would be the first in line.

Minister Coulton said the government is backing three vaccines at the moment.

“It is vitally important to take up the opportunity when it comes,” he said.

“Having the vaccine is the best way to protect yourself, your family and the community.

“It will take a while, across Australia and the globe, but it is a step forward.

“The rollout in Australia should be straightforward.

“Those with a chronic illness and vulnerable communities will receive the vaccine first.”

Minister Coulton said Australia has worked hard to stop any outbreaks.

“We have been fortunate that actions and plans have been taken.

“Those in remote communities, like Broken Hill, are in a secure position.”

He said most people were supportive of a vaccine.

“There has always been an anti-vaccine movement even pre-pandemic,” he said.

“But it’s good not to have too much negativity surrounding this.

“It’s going to be important to get it done.

“We also have to maintain confidence in the process and vaccine and make sure everything is in place.

“Hopefully there will be a higher uptake.

“The Government is doing everything it can to make it as straightforward and trouble free as possible.

“If 25 million people receive a vaccine twice, I’m sure there will be a hiccup.

“We need to try and get that done as seamlessly as possible.”

Minister Coulton said regional Australia was doing well and he expects that to remain during the rollout of the vaccine.

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