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Opal fever hits town

Saturday, 6th February, 2021

Jaymin Sullivan, James ‘JC’ Caruana and Noah McDonough. PICTURE: Discovery Channel Jaymin Sullivan, James ‘JC’ Caruana and Noah McDonough. PICTURE: Discovery Channel

By Emily McInerney

Opal fever has taken over and a small town in the region is playing its role.

‘Outback Opal Hunters’, a reality television show about adventurers seeking riches and glory sees three young men travel to White Cliffs in search of treasure.

‘The Young Guns’ as they are aptly named are Jaymin Sullivan, Noah McDonough and James ‘JC’ Caruana and the team are just one of 10 around Australia in search of opals.

The Young Guns have been a part of the show for two years and feature in the massive sixth season of the show.

Opal fever is at an all-time high, the risks are real, and the brutal Australian outback is as unforgiving as ever. But, when they get it right, there’s nothing quite like the rewards.

Jaymin spoke with the Truth during the week and said the move to adventurer and treasure hunter was about following their goals.

“I grew up in White Cliffs and actually spent some of my schooling life boarding at Allison House in Broken Hill,” he said.

“So I knew the area.

“I finished high school in the central coast where I met Noah and JC.

“I really wanted to become an adventurer and treasure hunter and I convinced the other two to come out with me.”

Jaymin said that the outback was a shock to his friends.

“I mean we’re travelling 300 kilometres just to get groceries,” he said.

“I am familiar with it but it was a big shock for Noah and JC.

“Being out in the middle of the desert was definitely a big shock to them.

“We are also living a lot more roughly that they were used to originally.”

Jaymin said they have been lucky with hunting so far.

“We’ve been really lucky and because my father and his father are in White Cliffs; they’ve been a big help.

“They can point us in the right direction on where to dig.

“They know if something is going to happen, if the ground is good.

“We’ve had a lot of luck and there is no guarantee that we will find anything.

“But, we’re also not afraid to give up on an area and look somewhere else.

“Some people will dig for two - three years and not find anything of value.

“We’ve been out here for two years now and we’re on mine number five.”

Jaymin said he, Noah and JC really enjoy working with the camera crews.

“It is always fun with the camera guys, they are an awesome team to work with.

“They come out and follow us around, it’s nice to see some different faces; especially if it’s just been us three for a while.

“Being a part of Opal Hunters has been the best thing, we’ve had a lot of fun and it’s a different way to make a living.”

Jaymin said he hopes that they can show anything is possible and to follow your dreams.

“I think we are promoting that young people can get out and give anything a shot.

“Follow your dreams, give stuff a go even if it is a challenge.”

Outback Opal Hunters is produced by Prospero Productions for Discovery with assistance of the State Government of Western Australia, Screenwest and Lotterywest. 

To date, the series has entertained audiences in more than 100 countries and territories, including the US and the UK.

The new season started on Thursday at 8.30pm on Discovery.

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