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Saturday, 13th February, 2021

Landcare’s membership continues to grow as they look to expand their greenhouse. PICTURE: Supplied Landcare’s membership continues to grow as they look to expand their greenhouse. PICTURE: Supplied

Landcare Broken Hill has decided to more than double its nursery component at the Centre for Community in Beryl Street.

A decision made this week by Landcare is great news for their Greening the Hill Mk2 Initiative.

Landcare’s President Simon Molesworth announced that it had been decided to immediately proceed with the expansion of its facilities so that Landcare can have the capacity to grow thousands more native plants. 

“We keep being approached by people involved in projects in different parts of the NSW Far West, asking if we can bulk supply native plant seedlings or native plant seeds,” Mr Molesworth said.

“But the requested quantities are generally beyond our current capacity. 

“Meanwhile with the COVID-19 restrictions lessening, we are going to be cranking up our own projects in and around Broken Hill.”

Landcare currently has a great 12m shade house, built by volunteer effort and with materials either donated or greatly discounted by our wonderful supporters. 

They also have a seed propagation area, entirely built through voluntary effort and with donated materials too. 

A number of Broken Hill’s businesses have been magnificent in supporting Landcare, giving us substantial discounts on the supplies they needed or entirely donating the materials, Mr Molesworth said.

“Our propagation area is currently filled to capacity with seed trays and cutting beds covering all available bench space. 

“Our shade house is also filled to capacity. 

“It is wonderful to see how our community has risen up, especially in response to the vandalism we suffered in November and the theft we suffered in January. 

“They have donated funds and plants. 

“Without those donations we wouldn’t have the means to buy the extra materials needed for our expansion, even at discounted prices given by our supporting local businesses.” 

Mr Molesworth gave a big thank you to the local community for all their support.

“After all, when Greening the Hill Mk2 succeeds, we all benefit - our city becomes more liveable as our natural environment improves,” he said. 

“I believe that the best thanks that any supporter can receive is to see their donated funds and materials put to good use.”

Landcare’s membership continually swells with new support. 

When the group put out the call for its seedling potting-on muster on the last two Tuesday evenings, there was a wonderful response. 

Sixty people turned out last Tuesday, which the Landcare team said was magnificent.

Over the two Tuesdays, just on 1,500 seedlings were potted-on. 

Many of the most recent seedlings which were potted-on were dug out of the garden of Broken Hill local Bruce Miller, who kindly donated a huge number of Eucalyptus seedlings. 

Also, many of Landcare’s seedlings were leaping out of their seed trays, so were in need of potting-on.        

“We’ve decided to take 3 steps to increase our capacity,” Mr Molesworth said. 

“First, we’re taken possession of a truly innovative mobile propagation trailer designed by the late Peter Campigli. 

“This is a 6x4 trailer with a shade house structure built on it with shelving for seed trays and an internal watering system. 

“This propagation trailer can be moved from site to site to demonstrate plant propagation to the community. 

“Within a fortnight, the Campigli trailer is already filled.

“Secondly, we’re going to double our shade house capacity. 

“Works will begin this week, again with a wonderful volunteer construction team, who do all the design work and then provide the labour. 

“Our first shade house, or tunnel house as the team like to call it, will again be built with donated and discounted materials. 

“Finally, we’ll be rebuilding the seed propagation area, with a new approach to enclosure and shielding from the elements, at the same time greatly expanding its capacity. 

“This was the area which was vandalised last November, but with community-support, we regrouped and it is generally filled to capacity.”

Landcare Broken Hill will always welcome new members and more support. People can join up, donate funds, plants and/or their time. As for materials to help with plant propagation - those too are always welcome.

For instance, if anyone has any spare plastic plant pots and trays, they can be donated by dropping them off at the Centre for Community any weekday morning. 

The Landcare team will be at this Saturday’s Community Markets at the Centre - so come along and join up and become part of the greening of Broken Hill.

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