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Mildura Health Fund expands to Broken Hill

Saturday, 27th February, 2021

Mildura Health Fund staff (from left) Celeste, Julie and Eva. PICTURE: Emily Ferguson Mildura Health Fund staff (from left) Celeste, Julie and Eva. PICTURE: Emily Ferguson

A unique partnership between two organisations will bring face-to-face private health services to the Broken Hill community.

Mildura Health Fund (MHF) is now open in Broken Hill. 

MHF chief executive officer Gerard Op de Coul said he was excited for the fund’s expansion into the Broken Hill community.

“We are looking forward to being part of the community. We have a heavy focus on giving back to not-for-profit clubs, organisations and charities,” he said.

The not-for-profit, member-owned fund has partnered with Broken Hill Community Credit Union (BHCCU) to operate from a shared building.

Mr Op de Coul said the partnership would benefit both current and future members and could pave the way for an expansion of clinical services to Broken Hill residents.

“Our local team will be accessible every Monday to Friday to assist with our current members’ inquiries and new members looking to join the fund or switch to us,” he explained.

“BHCCU and MHF share similar values, but most importantly, just like us, they have a focus on delivering exceptional customer service and are great corporate citizens.”

BHCCU chair Allan Carter said the partnership between the two was a good fit and would further enhance services coming from the BHCCU building.

“We see the services offered by MHF as an extension of what we offer our members,” Mr Carter said.

“One of the great points of difference that the BHCCU brings to the Broken Hill community is an understanding that there are sections of the community, especially the elderly, who are not tech savvy but who still need to be able to interact with the modern banking system.

“We achieve this by ensuring that our staff genuinely show that BHCCU care about these people and will strive to meet their needs.

“We know that MHF will have this same attitude, which will enhance services coming out of our branch.”

The Broken Hill office is MHF’s second branch outside Mildura and was driven by not only an increase in membership from Broken Hill residents, but also a goal for the fund to represent more regional communities.

“We have seen an increase in membership from Broken Hill residents, especially over the past three years and we believe it is the right thing to do to invest and support our members in communities to ensure they have access to face to face service, which is important when it comes to health,” Mr Op de Coul said.

“We are a regional health fund. We understand regional issues and regional communities.

“We pride ourselves on delivering our members with outstanding health insurance and lower premiums.”

Mr Carter said in addition to creating jobs for locals, the expansion by MHF could lead the way for other organisations to explore opportunities in Broken Hill with the knowledge the community would support them.

Mildura Health Fund’s Broken Hill office is now open, located at BHCCU at 2 Chloride Street.

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