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Sally’s stellar career

Saturday, 6th March, 2021

Senior Personal Banker Sally Price will be retiring after 43 years working with ANZ. PICTURE: Myles Burt Senior Personal Banker Sally Price will be retiring after 43 years working with ANZ. PICTURE: Myles Burt

By Myles Burt

After four decades with the ANZ Bank, Sally Prince has wrapped up her career at the local branch.

Working as a Senior Personal Banker, Ms Prince began her banking career in 1978 in Melbourne as a typist/telephonist after studying at Stott’s Secretarial College to pursue a role as a secretary.

Ending up in the banking sector instead, Ms Prince said she worked and travelled between 50 Melbourne branches with her longest commute being an hour and 10 mins against traffic.

“I was used to it, I was born to it whereas I can imagine someone moving from here down into Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, it would be a bit of a shock,’ Ms Prince said.

Moving to Berri in 2011 after the passing of her parents and working there for three years, Ms Prince decided to move to Broken Hill after a job became available with the local branch. 

Ms Prince said cheap housing was the main reason for her wanting to stay having seen a house for sale that took her eye. 

Attracted by being able to buy a house for roughly $130,000 without having to do much work on it and the local lifestyle was a major drawcard.

“No matter when you finish you’re home quickly, and a big thing is the lifestyle,” Ms Prince said.

“It is laid back, there’s lots of things you can do or you just go out for a drive and sit and contemplate life.

“I like going out to Silverton up to the lookout for the Mundi Mundi Plains, it’s just nice to just sit there and look at it even though there’s not much there you can’t do that in a lot of places.”

Over the past 43 years, Ms Prince said she’s seen a lot of changes around processes and technology in the banking sector. 

Ms Prince said she’s had to adapt from manual typewriters, no photocopiers, fax machines and passbooks to ATM’s and customers doing their personal finances over their phone. 

Ms Prince said being able to take on the new changes the bank has put forth over her career is an area she takes pride in.

“I do remember typing 70 something letters for when the access everyday account came in back in the mid-80’s,” Ms Prince said.

“You didn’t have anything to copy, you had to manually type every single letter.”

Ms Prince said 2020 was a catalyst year due to COVID-19 for locals who weren’t interested in having internet banking on their phones to embracing it and not wanting to come into the branch anymore after adopting the technology.

“You don’t see them very often, but they know if they want to walk in and speak to someone there is someone there to talk to,” Ms Prince said.

Currently on long service leave, Ms Prince said she’ll be finishing up in September exactly to the day she started her career with ANZ. 

Ms Prince said she’s love working for ANZ and was especially proud to work for them after the past year.

“I even had one customer come in saying I must be the most loyal staff member he’s ever come across,” Ms Prince said.

Ms Prince said she aims now to get her cats used to her being home, do some work on her house and look to partake in volunteer work around Broken Hill.

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