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Magpies ready to fly

Tuesday, 23rd March, 2021

By Emily Ferguson

The Central Football Club are ready to head in a new direction, up; under the leadership of Jordan Gilby as captain.

Gilby was set to step into the role of the club's leader in 2020 but much to his dis- appointment the season was cancelled.

Therefore 2021 is technically his second year in charge but rst to actually take to the eld as captain.

"Last year was my rst time but we ob- viously didn't get to play so this year is the rst real time and hopefully we can come away and do something with it," he said.

"I'm not going to lie I'm not the best player in the world but the club needed a leader and I saw myself as a bit of a voice so that's probably the main this, probably a bit of direction on the eld more than anything."

James Moran is the vice-captain and Gilby said he will help bring voice and direction.

"He's exactly the same basically, just that direction that we sort of lack because we're sort of an inexperienced side in some ways.

"He's probably more inclined to be in a position were I'm not going to be, so he can be a voice whether it's down back or forward, we just need them in like set roles."

Former coach, Jarred Paull and young- ster Josh Hanford complete the leadership group.

"Josh is obviously a lot younger than all of us so he's the future and if we can sort of instil into him now that he is going to be a leader in the future then it boosts his con dence a little bit.

"Jarred obviously being our A Grade coach last year, he's going to be a tre- mendous asset on the eld and he already knows most of the players and to be such a

good player himself, like I said the direction is just going to be great."

Gilby said the Magpies are lled with mo- tivation for the season ahead.

"Not November last year but the year be- fore we did a big preseason and then obvi- ously coronavirus hit pretty hard.

"But we were pretty keen then and when the league said that they wanted to go ahead and play we'd had a few months off so we were a bit underdone which was going to be a bit of a letdown to everyone because we put in all that work and then to come out three months later.

"We sort of lost a bit of it.

"Everyone has kept fairly t, we started again this past November and it's been prob- ably one of the better preseasons I've seen for numbers so I think everyone is raring and ready to go.

As for preseason focus, the main thing was to get everyone up to the desired tness levels and Gilby preseason has been inspired by new senior coach Greg Wellington.

"Having a new coach he doesn't have any previous knowledge of players so he just came out and said 'I don't care who you are, you're going to run and you're going to do the work, there's no backseat rides'.

"So that's a main focus, as well as having a little bit more belief in ourselves, previous years we've sort of been run over and been the club that's obviously been at the bottom of the ladder but we've believed that as well so now we need to have that belief that we can win more games so that's been a big one that he's (Wellington) has instilled into us.

"He's not one of those guys that's gone out and brought any superstar players because really we've had those before and
they've never stayed, so just trying
to build a side with what we already
have and get past players back and
t so that's out main focus and he's
done that in strides, just being a new
guy with new ideas."

Central Football Club captain, Jordan Gilby and vice-captains, James Moran. PICTURE: Emily Ferguson.

Gilby said they have gained a couple new players who are going to be big assets.

"The ones we have gained, they've just started to mould into our group but also like I said these past players that have been given another opportunity to step up to that next level, they're going to be our keys this year de nitely.

He said there are a few young stars who will make in impact in their line up this year starting with Josh Hanford of their leader- ship group.

"Nick Devoy is a big stand out, and Will Campbell de nitely so those two are going to make a fair impact ... To my knowledge they have never played a game of A Grade,

so they'll de nitely be on the cards to make a debut."

The Magpies aim to continue carrying their belief in themselves and their tness into the season and to be more competitive.

"We've been training three nights a week since November so that and just trying a few players in different roles that have previ- ously probably been pushed to the side for other players that have come through, so it's all about picking up past players and taking it to the next level.

"I don't think we're going to go out there and break any records straight up but the signs are there that we are going to be more competitive de nitely and from little things big things grow, so it's good signs."

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