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Big Race hits the Silver City

Friday, 2nd April, 2021

By Emily Ferguson

The Amazing Race Australia has been
a favourite TV show of mine.
Since it began earlier this year, my family
and I have barely missed an episode.
But last week it got even better as the
twenty-second leg of the race was undertaken
in our home of Broken Hill.
The final four teams travelled to Broken
Hill from Dubbo to complete a series of
challenges in Sturt Park to Silverton.
It was ‘The Super Sikhs’ Jaskirat and
Anurag, ‘The Gold Coast Girls’ Ashleigh
and Amanda, ‘The Geek and the Princess’
Aleshia and Chris and ‘The Cowboys’
Brendon and Jackson.
I personally like to refer to Jackson as
‘Jezza’ because I think he looks eerily similar
to Jeremy Cameron the footballer.
Beau Ryan, the host of The Amazing Race
Australia opened the episode by stating that
Broken Hill is the unofficial home of the
New South Wales outback - which I wasn’t
aware that we are known as that.
The team’s first appearance in the Silver
City saw them racing from the airport, hailing
a taxi and asking for the quickest route
to the Palace Hotel - little do they know it
takes five minutes from one side of town to
the other, how much quicker do they want?
They were instructed to find the big heel
at the Palace for the direction for their first
challenge, they had to roam the streets of
town figuring out the street names based off
of the elements of the periodic table to then
head to an intersection, collect a chemical
compound from each one for a final concoction
at the big ant.
I personally would have no clue where the
big ant is and I’ve lived here for all 22 years
of my life.
While I know our streets are named after
minerals I’m no science whiz so I wouldn’t
be able to match them to elements of the
periodic table.
However, when the teams were running
around town searching for streets or asking
for directions I spotted the BDT building
and my car in the background.
Teams then had to find the Junction Mine,
where one teammate was required to balance
a seesaw with a teammate on one end
and fill a metal drum with dirt and rocks to
match their weight on the other.
During this Amanda said “In the wind
storm with all the dust” and all I could do
was laugh at the fact that her city girl was
showing and she didn’t know what a dust
storm was.
Next up was the journey to Silverton,
specifically John Dynon’s Galley where
they had to count all 107 bicycle and tricycle
wheels within a marked area for their next
clue which directed them to the Silverton
Hotel where they were greeted by Shelita
Buffet - one of Broken Hill’s resident drag
Shelita served them a disgusting looking
liquid which each contestant had to drink
from a long high-heeled boot aka a ‘shoey’
before they could collect their final clue.
I have no idea what they were drinking but
I guarantee that Peter and Patsy don’t serve
it on tap.
For the final leg of the Broken Hill
challenges teams raced to the Mad Max 2
Museum to find Beau at the pitstop and
secure a place in the top three.
Three of my favourite teams have made
it to the final three and battle for a place in
the grand final in Tuesday night’s episode
in Sydney.
You can stream the Broken Hill episode
on 10Play for free and tune in on Channel 10
on Sunday night (March 28) from 7.30pm
for the grand finale of The Amazing Race
Australia, and I’m sure it will be one to

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