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Professionals visit Broken Hill

Saturday, 10th April, 2021

By Emily McInerney

A group of seven professionals travelled to the region recently to learn about businesses and the economy.

James Lawrence from the digital marketing company Rocket Agency said he and the other professionals are part of a worldwide group called ‘EO’.

“It’s a worldwide group with about 180 members,” he said.

“We’re broken up into forums who meet once a month.

“Then every year we have a retreat, we go to areas where we haven’t been that are a bit out of our comfort zone.”

James said he reached out to Mayor Darriea Turley who was able to help with an agenda.

“The seven of us had never been to Broken Hill and we try to do things we would never do.

“We had the most amazing time in Broken Hill. 

“We met wonderful people, learnt lots about the local economy, learned from many business owners and generally opened our eyes to a part of Australia where we had never been.”

James said the visit is about watching how businesses have incubated and grown.

“We draw from their experience, it broadens our horizons.

“We met with Steve Radford from the BHP and learnt about the history of that business.

“We met with Jason King from Bells –that was awesome to hear his passion and history as well as how he has worked to move the business forward.”

The group also met with the Broken Hill Foundation and learnt about how they operate.

“It’s fascinating from a business viewpoint – the economy is fascinating because it’s reliant on mining.

“There’s this concern about how long it will last but then there is more coming up.

“There is always a need for accommodation.”

James said they all fell in love with the place.

“The businesses are all so different and getting patronage – there are challenges with that and we all have that as business owners.”

The other group members included Libbie Ray from Connected Event Group, Raj Nandan from Indesign Media, Reika Roberts from Skin Correction skincare, Maria Padisetti from Digital Armour IT services, John Mineef from Southern Star Trucks and Mike Sikar from Delta Financial.

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