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Lenton stars in game 100

Wednesday, 14th April, 2021

By Emily Ferguson

Alexis Lenton joined an elite group of locals last Friday night when she player her 100th game of Women’s football. 

Lenton began her football career in the red and black, but in her milestone game, it’s the Roos she played for and to make the milestone even sweeter, she walked away with a cracking win under her belt on Friday night. 

“Yeah it was really good to win, we’ve trained really hard this year and we’ve got Jake Peters now and he’s a really good coach. He’s really opened our eye up to a different world of football, I guess you could say. We’ve got a really good group of players at the moment and everyone is really nice. It’s a nice, friendly group of girls,” she said. 

Lenton said she was excited to have played her 100th game, “It’s gone pretty quick, actually. I think we’ve played for five or six years now so it’s been good, especially because I’ve had a few injuries. 

“With COVID last year, I wasn’t really sure if this year was going to go ahead. But it was good and I was glad that it all went ahead. And it was nice to play on the new oval, under the new lights and all that sort of stuff too. 

“We really enjoyed playing at night time, actually. The oval and everything looks really good and it was just exciting to try something new and different and I guess just be back and playing footy all together was good too.”

Lenton said she had played 68 of her 100 games for South and the rest were played for West. 

In terms of achievements and highlights, Lenton easily named a few. “Definitely winning two premierships with South was good,” she said.  

“I was able to play with my Mum and Kirstie. They both came over from North and I played with them and in a grand final which was really good. And back in the day at West, I was a captain and that was also good for me.”

Lenton’s twin sister Kirstie came back from Mildura to play this milestone alongside her, “It was really exciting for her to come back, especially because last year with COVID I couldn’t spend much time with her. I didn’t get to see her because she was in lockdown so it was really nice to be able to play sport with her again - especially because all of our younger days we grew up playing sport together. So for her to be able to come back and play for South was really good too.”

Lenton said she is looking forward to the season ahead. “It’s going to be really good and we’re looking forward to the 18 rounds. But it’ll be good to be able to play sport again especially after last year having that year off.”

Lenton said the South Women are hoping to push to go all the way this year. She said she wanted to thank her Mum and Dad for supporting her through all her years of sport, and also Michael Bird and Jake Peters for coaching.

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