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Wiz hits 200

Saturday, 17th April, 2021

By Emily Ferguson

The man they call ‘Wizza’, best known on field for his goal sense and forward pressure, will line up for his 200th league game this weekend for the Bulldogs.
Anthony Henderson, has five A Grade premierships to his name, holds the North Broken Hill Football Club’s leading goal kicker record and now add a 200 game milestone to his list of accolades.
Henderson said he was under the impression that this game was scheduled to fall next weekend, therefore he was caught slightly off guard when it came a week early.
“I don’t know how I really feel about it, it’s good to get there — definitely good to get there,” he said.
“It’s a bit overwhelming, I’m a bit nervous, a lot of different emotions.
“I was more prepared for it next week, it definitely sprung on me. I’ve known that next week was going to be my 200th for a bit of a period of time so it never has phased me being a milestone game.
“I’m proud to get to it but feeling nervous now that it’s here a week earlier.”
When asked about his achievements, Henderson was quick to acknowledge the team success he has been a part of over the years.
The five premierships he said are his biggest achievement.  
As well as in 2019 when he overtook the NFC’s all-time leading goal kicker tally, “that’s pretty special to me, kicking goals definitely gives me a lot of confidence as well”.
Henderson has grown up playing for the Bulldogs and a majority of his senior games have been played in the blue and white, he holds the club near to his heart.
“Just the mates you get from growing up there, all the mates you get you know, the memories you make, the friends you make, it’s all pretty special and it’s like a second family I guess,” he said.
There were a few stand out players Henderson has enjoyed playing with throughout his 200 games.
“Definitely my current coach (Brett Johnson); he’s probably the number one.
“It does mean a lot to have him coach now, it was hard when he retired and now he’s back around and even playing.
“He’s also a confidence booster for me. He’s always brought me into the game when I’m not in it.
“He’s smart and knowledgeable.”
“And, of course, you’ve got Codie (Howard) and Jayden (Kelly) ­— there’s been some pretty good players. There’s too many to name.”
Henderson aims to improve his match fitness throughout the 2021 season and hopes to possibly reach the 500 goal mark, from which he’s not too far away from.
“I’d like to, at some stage maybe. I think I’m getting a bit too old and I’m definitely not a hundred percent fit — I know that — and there’s a long way to go there.”
He believes that the club has a good dynamic of junior and senior players at the moment.
“We’ve got a good mix, there’s a lot of good juniors that are pretty skilful and they bring a lot of electricity to us,” he said.
“And I suppose there’s a group of us that are getting a bit older and the juniors give us a boost, which is good to have again. It’s going to be interesting coming to the end of the season.
“I’d just like to thank everyone that’s helped me along the way. I couldn’t get there without anyone really, outside and inside of footy.”

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