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Celebrating 35 years

Saturday, 22nd May, 2021

By Emily Ferguson

It was overheard at the celebrations that “you get less for murder,” but Sonja McEvoy has enjoyed every moment of the 35 years she’s been with North Broken Hill Public School.
For Sonja, Tuesday May 18 marked 35 years to the day since she first became employed at North School as a Kindergarten teacher and she is now Assistant Principal,.
When asked how she feels about the 35th anniversary of her arrival at North she said, “Hard to believe its reality because it doesn’t feel that long... It feels like just the other day really.”
Sonja came to be working at North School by pure chance, “My number came up and this is where my position was, I was actually working at Happy Day Preschool so it was in the middle of the year there and like I said my number came up and it was just this is your appointment, take it or leave it and so I took it.
“I went onto a Kindergarten which was really nice because otherwise I may not have actually taken the position,” she said.
Sonja’s career has progressed well over 35 years, “I’ve been Assistant Principal here since 2000, so slowly but surely. I worked in the Infants all that time from when I first started then I had some time in the Primary, went back to the Infants and then actually got shoved all the way up to the top end and got to have them as well,” she said.
“Then I’ve had some bits and pieces where I have been off class and supported talented students in certain areas, particularly around maths and now I’m the Instructional Leader in the Primary which is funded by the school... So yeah it’s been an ongoing learning process and enjoyable.”
Sonja couldn’t choose just one memory that was a stand out over her years with the school, “There would be so many that I couldn’t pick from but usually as a teacher it’s the one where you have that student who suddenly just lights up and brightens because they’ve got whatever it was,” she said. “And they just feel so wonderful about themselves, because they’ve suddenly got something they’ve never been able to do or they’ve been trying to do and they’ve been challenged at.”
Her favourite part about North school is the community if people that are a part of it. “It would be the kids and the staff and the community and just particularly, how the staff put the kids first,” said Sonja.
“So one of our motto’s really is we call the place paradise and we say that kids come first and they do, across the whole board, when it comes down to making a decision is that what’s best for kids? That’s where our decision gets made.”
Sonja celebrated her 35 year milestone and the day spent surrounded by staff and students. “Well I have this wonderful surprise morning tea that I didn’t know anything about, other than that it will just be another day as normal, with a beautiful cake.
“I’d just like to thank everyone that’s been part of my time here,” she said.

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