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Bulldogs blitz determined Magpies

Saturday, 22nd May, 2021

By Emily Ferguson

North managed a 144-point win over Central in their second official match of the season. Bulldog Kody Ellis was unstoppable, with eight goals total for the night.
Both teams were playing undermanned - Central with 14 players, and North with 16. The game was of a slower pace than its predecessor.
The Bulldogs wasted no time getting into the swing of things with Dan Kennedy slotting one in the early minutes of the quarter before Kody Ellis set the tone for his game with a trio of goals to round out the first quarter. North led Central 29 to 0 at the first break.
North was well spread with their work ethic on Wednesday night with nine individual goal scorers. The second quarter saw major scores from Tasman McAllister, initially, then Taz Lihou booted his first and Jet Johnson kicked a great banana through for a goal.
Kody Ellis then kicked a further two goals to bring his total to five at halftime. North led by 61 points at the main break.
Taz Lihou opened the second half with his second goal for the Bulldogs, followed by one from Sam Micallef and Bailey Adams.
Kody Ellis went again with back-to-back majors to make seven before Taz Lihou kicked his third with Sam Micallef and Dan Kennedy kicking their second. North was sitting on 114 points at three-quarter time.
Fletcher Kolinac kicked a major to open the last term before Jet Johnson and Tasman McAllister kicked their second for North.
Central’s Eli Chestnut got the Magpies on the board, firstly with a narrow miss to hit the goal post for a behind, but seconds later made up for it and slotted a goal. Cheers and car horns would have been heard for miles.  
North’s Kody Ellis then kicked his eighth and final goal of the night to top off a stand-out and best-afield performance.
The Magpies pushed hard and managed a second goal in a matter of minutes through Karlson Cole before Brady Adams kicked the sealer and North ran out winners by 144 points.
Central put up a valiant effort and worked tirelessly all night. Nick Devoy and Will Campbell were impressive in the backlines and were at the top end of their best players. The likes of Karlson Cole, Ben Kuerschner and Ned Schaefer provided a good run through the centre and were among their best.
For the Bulldogs, it was Kody Ellis, Jet Johnson, Tax Lihou, Bailey Adams, Kyran Blore and Tasman McAllister who were their best players.
Full time score - North 22 16 (148) defeated Central 2 2 (14).

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