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Broken Hill’s Big Freeze

Saturday, 19th June, 2021

By Emily Ferguson

Coles Broken Hill is kicking goals in their fundraising efforts for Fight MND.
The local store is sitting second in the South Australian region and third across the state of New South Wales having sold 930 beanies, $18,619 worth, which along with cash cash donations from customers has their overall total sitting at $19,119.41.
Last year the store raised around $10,000 for Fight MND, meaning this year they have almost doubled their total.
And the fundraising efforts are not over yet, with the team set to host a cake stall fundraiser next Saturday June 26 at 9.30am. They’re also planning to make a cash donation closer to the end of the Fight MND campaign, which finishes up next Tuesday, June 22 which will hopefully bump them higher up the list.
According to Store Manager Fran Moore, the team have some cash donations to follow but “we are holding them back because we actually want to beat the store in our region that’s beating us. We’re just holding a bit back until the last minute. That way we might be able to pip them at the post and be first in our region and potentially be either two or three in NSW.
The cake stall is happening after the closing of the campaign and Fran said that’s why the team social club is making the cash donation. “We’ve estimated that we’ll make between $1,500 and $2,000 from the cake stall and that’s the cash donation that we’re making out of our social club, and when we’ve sold the cakes that will be donated back into the social club. So Tuesday lunchtime is when we’ll make our cash donation,” said Fran.
Coles Broken Hill Team Member Circle Leader, Jayne Johnston said she believes Broken Hill want to support the cause because it has affected so many people in the community.
“The team has really got behind it and supported it because it’s a foundation that’s close to a lot of our hearts. It’s affected a lot of locals, someone in my family then affects you because you’re my friend and then their friend and it reaches out and so on. Plus everyone loves Neale Daniher don’t they?”
Manager Fran said being an AFL community is also a big factor in how well the campaign does. “Being a big AFL town does help, because you have a look at maybe some of the stores that are leading the groups. They’re usually big AFL areas - Victoria’s sales are triple ours because obviously they’re heavily into AFL,” she said.
“And the weather helps, people want beanies to keep their ears warm.”
Fran agreed that MND has affected many people which is why the campaign is so successful.”Me personally, I have experienced it, one of my best mates, someone I worked with from Coles passed away two years ago,” she said.
While Coles Broken Hill may have sold out of MND beanies, they are still accepting cash donations through their checkouts.  
“You’ve just got to tell them when you’re being served that you want to make a donation to MND and they’ll put it straight through into the foundation,” said Jayne.
“We’ve literally just got a button that we press for MND donation and that all goes straight to the cause,” said Fran.
Donations can still be made at Coles up until midnight of Tuesday June 22, and the Coles cake stall to raise funds takes place next Saturday June 26 from 9.30am.

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